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What Crystals Will Assist with Chemotherapy?
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What Crystals Will Assist with Chemotherapy?
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Dear L,

I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice.  Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care.  

I have given you a list of stone dealing with the type of cancer mentioned.  Look the list over with your friend and let her choose what feels right to her.  Have her keep them with her in a pouch and meditate with them clearly visualizing the cancer as gone and healing energy filling her body. 

Petalite -one of the ultimate energy healers on all levels.  Used in the healing of Aids and all cancer.

- It is a stone for those who are proactive in self-healing.  It is particularly healing for the mouth, throat, head, neck and chest. Larimar is exceptional for cancer that has invaded the lymph nodes and lymph system.  Placed on the point of pain, Larimar will draw it out and release the pain, place over the site of the disease, Larimar will pinpoint the illness to effect direct healing. 

Rainbow Fluorite one of the best over all healers, amplifies healing of all other stones.

Herkimer Diamond-Another stone for the pro-active self healer.  Increases the White light energy a body can hold speeding healing on all levels.

Seraphinite is known for helping cellular issues such as cancer, assisting in the regeneration of healthy cells.

Smoky Quartz- Smoky Quartz is a general healer for the lower body, the abdomen and legs.  It has the additional properties of assisting in the treatment of radiation sickness and the after effects of chemotherapy.  The darker the Smoky Quartz the more effective it  has been known to be.

-This stone is called the stone of spiritual love and assist in the healing of cancer in two ways.  First as would be expected, Sugilite assist in  healing the emotional aspects of cancer.  It relieves the despair and confusion that can accompany  a diagnoses of cancer.  Secondly is assist in treating cancers that have infiltrated the lymph node and lymph system.   

-While all colors of Tourmaline are general healers, Black Tourmaline is another stone that can be used directly over the site of the cancer to draw out the negative energy associated with cancer and its growth.  Bright Blue tourmaline is a pulmonary healer and effects the healing of throat and esophagus.

Watermelon Tourmaline
breaks through any resistance to healing and is best used in conjunction with other stones for specific healing. It boost the effectiveness of any healing stone.  It is another proactive self-healing stone.  

Yellow Kunzite
- assist in healing after  Radiation treatments.  Restructures and stabilizes cellular function.  

Roslyn Bohanan

Master Crystal Healer

"Privacy Statement: To help others learn, we typically post questions like yours to our online database of articles about crystal healing.   We only use first names and take care to remove all last names and email addresses.   If you prefer that we not post your first name or if you would prefer if we not to post your question at all, please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate your request for privacy."

























Posted on November 02, 2011
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