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What Are Different Ways to Ground Yourself?
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What Are Different Ways to Ground Yourself?
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I was wondering if you could tell me what the different ways of grounding would be? I have read that you can ground yourself by having your feet flat on the ground. I have also read that you need to have a grounding stone. I was also wondering if you could tell me how to use a grounding crystal or stone? Also, how do you know when you should use a grounding stone? Do you need to use a grounding stone all the time?


Dear D,

There is three forms of grounding.  Grounding an energy into the physical body and sealing it with crystals, grounding into the earth to center and stabilize our energy, grounding to release excess energy that can cause a floaty or buzzing feeling in our energy field.

The main ones we normally concern ourselves with are the grounding into the earth and grounding to release excess energy.  Grounding into the earth can be accomplished with earth related crystals such as the black stones, brown stones and root chakra stones.  The stones do not have to be held.  These stones are already connected to the earth energetically.  You can also earth ground by running your hands over ground, walk barefoot on the ground or run your hand over a tree surface or other living, rooted plant in the ground. 

The grounding to release excess energy is similar but also include running you hands through running water, eating, taking a shower, drinking water or other beverage.  This pulls excess energy away from you and will also work to release negative energy buildup.  This is a good option for after doing a long or difficult healing session, as it removes any negative energy you may pick up from a client.  I always run my hands through running water to pull away and clear negative energy that may have stuck to my aura.  This is, in my opinion, a necessity, if you are doing back to back healing sessions. 

Grounding is a matter for your intuition.  When you feel as if you need it, pick up a grounding crystal, put your hands under running water and see if it helps, see the energy being pulled away from you and you should be able to feel the difference in your energy field.  I recommend people who have just been exposed to intense emotional situations to show afterwards if possible, it will clear the mind and the energy system of the energy that can leave you feeling heavy, depressed, buzzing, floaty or just out of sorts.  It really works.

Roslyn Bohanan

Master Crystal Healer

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Posted on October 26, 2011
  Such important information. I once had a Reiki master explain grounding as going down in an elevator - take your energy down into the earth one level at a time until you feel fully grounded.  (Submitted by: Stephanie on January 30, 2012)

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