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Wands And Pencils And Points, Oh My!
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Wands And Pencils And Points, Oh My!
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Wands and Pencils and Points, Oh My!
By Stephanie Arnold

Crystals come in a wide variety of shapes, both naturally occurring and artificially shaped. The shape of the crystal can determine how it’s best used and how the energy flows. Here is a list of some of the most commonly found shapes of crystals:

This geometrical shape collects the energy inside of it and is good for grounding. Cubes also help to secure intentions and are good for programming.

Double Terminated (DT) Point  
This crystal has terminations or points at both ends of a rod. These crystals either emit energy or attract energy from both points at the same time. These can be either naturally shaped or man-made.

The shape of these crystals is ideal for holding energy that can be used to locate imbalances in the body. Crystal eggs are comforting to hold in your hand and the pointed end can also be used for acupressure or reflexology.

Crystals that are shaped into hearts have a loving energy combined with the other properties of the crystal. These are a great choice for emotional healing or working with the Heart chakra.          

Laser Wand
This is a natural long point usually made of Clear Quartz that tapers towards the tip. The point has small faces on it. This type of wand is ideal for energy work and acupuncture. Because this wand increases the energy and concentrates it in the termination, it is very powerful and should only be used with a clear intention of what you hope to accomplish.

Massage Wand 
This is a type of wand that is designed to be used with massage therapy, reflexology and acupressure. Massage wands are either rounded at both ends with one end wider than the other, or they have one rounded and one pointed end.

Merkaba and Sacred Geometry shapes 
The sacred geometry shapes represent the different elements that all life is composed of, also known as the platonic solids. The Merkaba is the geometric shape of the human energy field and is good for spiritual transformation. These shapes are very useful for healing the chakras and during meditation.

A crystal pencil is a long crystal with flat sides and a point at one end, like a wooden pencil. These can be used for healing in the same way as a wand for directing energy and, because they are usually flat on one side, they can be stood up and used in a grid or to energize a space.


Any crystal attached to a string or chain can be used as a pendulum. Pendulums can be used to locate imbalances in the body in need of healing, identify the flow of energy, or can be used for divination. A commonly available shape of a pendulum is a pointed crystal with either faceted or smooth sides. We have additional information on using pendulums.   

Point or Single Terminated Crystal

This is a crystal with a termination, or pointed tip, at one end.  The flow of the energy in the crystal will be directed out from the point. When used in grids or healing, pointing the crystal toward an object, crystal or part of the body will bring energy in and pointing the crystal point away will draw energy off the item. Clear Quartz is commonly found in points.


Pyramid-shaped crystals have a square base with four sides that join in a point at the top called an apex. The energy of the crystal in a pyramid is amplified and directed through the apex. This shape increases and strengthens the properties of the crystal.


A rod is a long crystal without a termination at either end. Some crystals, such as Selenite, are often found naturally in this shape. This can be used in the same way as a wand to direct energy.  

Lingam or Shiva Lingam

This is a 3 dimensional oval shaped crystal.  The Lingam shape symbolizes the Divine Creative Manifestation and also represents Shiva, the Hindu Lord of Creation. Lingams balance the masculine and feminine energies.


A round ball-shaped crystal is shaped from a much larger piece of crystal. This shape of crystal emits energy equally in all directions. These crystals make a great addition to any space and also are useful for the center of a crystal grid. Crystal spheres are often used in scrying.


This is a crystal that is pointed on one end and flat on the other end and is designed to stand up with the point directed towards the sky. This shape also directs the energy through the point of the crystal and is great for the center of a crystal grid or energizing a room.


Any long shaped crystal with a rounded or pointed tip at one or both ends. Crystal wands can amplify and direct energy from their tip. Wands can also be made from other materials combined with crystals to achieve a similar purpose of directing energy.

Vogel Wand

A true Vogel wand is a 12-sided wand with points at both ends and has precise measurements and angles as instructed by Marcel Vogel. These wands are excellent healing tools because of their high energy and ability to magnify and focus energy. Energy is drawn in through the shorter (female) pointed end and emitted from the longer (male) pointed end of the wand. It is recommended to program Vogel wands prior to working with them.


Having a variety of shapes can help to create a complete basket of crystal tools for energy workers and those who like to use crystals to help with healing. Try working with different ones to see what resonates with you personally. I hope you enjoy working with the many different shapes of crystals! Crystal Blessings!

Posted on December 16, 2013
    (Submitted by: LaiLee on June 24, 2014)
  Very informative and written to be easily understood  (Submitted by: Andy on April 19, 2014)

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