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Third-Eye Buzzing (cont)
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Third-Eye Buzzing (cont)
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From: Carol
Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2008 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: Third-Eye Buzzing

Wow Cat - alot to take in.  First of all, thank you SO MUCH for your nice, long, thoughtful response!  I feel moved that you would take this kind of time - THANK YOU!!  I do not meditate, but will make an earnest effort to do so after hearing all you have to say.  It's funny - a girl in my reiki share told me she thought I may have psychic ability and I should try to bring it out - the thought of that scared me, so I shut down all practices (plus time issues) but am feeling more open to trying to solve the puzzle at least...

Another person in that same share told me to try moldivite.  That was years ago, I read up on it and was terrified that it would be too strong for me at that time...any thoughts on that?  I also thought of ordering the 3rd eye pendant.  yes?

I thank you for your time and expertise.  I may be back to you with further questions if that is ok.  I feel like I need to move forward with this for me - perhaps it is the right time to do so.  

The 2012 thing is pretty scary - I never heard that before...  I do not stay connected with the reiki community because I do not practice my connection with all spirtual is the newsletter or so it's been for the last year.  That is why I love your articles so much! They keep me in touch with what interests me but I don't have to spend real TIME working on it.  Maybe I should change that for 30 minutes a day or so...

Thanks again Cat.  I GREATLY appreciate your insight and your time.  You have given me a lot to consider and a place to start.  Bless you! :) I will try the meditation - do I HOLD the smoky quartz?  Thanks for walking me through this, and I look forward to your response on the moldivite and the pendant.  I don't want to do too much the other way! :)




Hi Carol~

The Smokey Quartz can be held and gazed at to help achieve the state of mind best for meditation.  As with any new crystal, take some time to get to know the Smokey Quartz by keeping it under your pillow while you sleep, carry it around with you, meditating with it, holding it, or whatever strikes you.  In case you needed that page (and for anyone else reading this post), here is the link for Smokey Quartz:

Moldavite is a very strong stone.  My partner said that the instant someone put a piece of Moldavite in his hand, he felt a super strong sensation of energy moving up to and out of his Crown Chakra.  I do not get that feeling when I touch Moldavite.  I am unsure what this feeling indicates, however, I have my own little theory.  I wonder if different souls incarnate here from various locations (galaxies, perhaps?) throughout the universe.  Those souls who are from the same location where Moldavite originates from, might not have a strong reaction to the stone because they are already familiar with those energies at a soul level.  Those who are from a different area would notice the energy much more strongly.  If you have never held a piece of Moldavite before, there really is no way of knowing what your reaction will be.  I cannot imagine that it would hurt you though.  If you are wanting to delve deeply into your Third-Eye work, enhancing its function, then I would recommend you try out some Moldavite.  We carry some Moldavite on this page:

It would be a good idea to keep some Black Tourmaline handy when you work with Moldavite.   Black Tourmaline is the most efficient grounding crystal to help you download new information that comes in from the Third-Eye Chakra.  Black Tourmaline serves to ground the information and integrate it into the other chakras, especially the Root Chakra.  If you would like to see our Black Tourmaline, follow this link:

The Third-Eye Chakra Pendant might be a nice option for you, as it would keep your Third-Eye Chakra energetically highlighted, even when you're not actively exercising it at the time.  The stone in the Third-Eye Pendant is Iolite, one of my favorite Third-Eye stones.  Iolite is known to help those who hold any fear of the unknown to release such fear.  Iolite can also clear and activate the Third-Eye Chakra, thus bringing any dormant psychic abilities to light.  Working with Iolite during meditation can deepen the state of mind and open up intuition and insight.  Our Third-Eye Chakra Pendant is on this page:

You might consider doing Reiki self-treatments to help with meditation.  I like to do mine very early in the morning, before the sun comes up, and before the birds wake up.  I will lay on the bed, for at least an hour, giving myself a treatment.  It relaxes me and helps me to achieve that void state that is so conducive to opening intuition and attracting insights.  

One last thing I wanted to mention is that Moldavite and Iolite compliment eachother very nicely.  You might receive an additional benefit by wearing the Iolite Third-Eye Pendant while you work with the Moldavite crystal on your Third-Eye Chakra.  However, please take the time to work up to this combination, as Moldavite is pretty strong, and you should start out with the Modlavite combined with Black Tourmaline for better grounding.  

If you haven't read some of our earlier newsletter articles, please take a look at them here:

I hope this information is what you are looking for.  Feel free to write back with any other questions.

Peace & Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on May 04, 2008
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