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Third-Eye Buzzing
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Third-Eye Buzzing
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From: Carol
Sent: Thursday, May 01, 2008 7:20 PM
To: Healing Crystals 
Subject: Can you forward this to Cat?

Hello -

This is really for Crystal Cat.  I am a friend of Olga, Shawn & Cynthia.  I have a curious thing going on and would LOVE your perspective on it.  Whenever anyone talks or mentions third eye - mine buzzes!  Once at a reiki share, I was almost 'burned' by amethyst being touched to my 3rd eye.  Any mention of it, or any work near it - it goes crazy almost.  What on earth does that mean?! I just recieved the article for this month and have yet to even READ it, but as soon as I saw the title my third eye began humming or buzzing - it is completely involuntary.  Do you have any idea WHY this is happening to me?  I have had reiki training to level 3, but do not work with it as I get caught up in "being mommy" and spend almost no time on me.  I am trying to get back into it now - but I would love to have this mystery solved or at least have a clue of where to begin to solve it.  I plan on buying some crystals to help work on this, so any suggestions would be most welcome.  I absolutely LOVE your articles Cat.  Thank you for any advice you can offer, and please tell Cynthia and Shawn I said hello!




Dear Carol~

First off, let me tell you that I too am having an incredible increase in Third-Eye and Crown Chakra activity.  I get the buzzing sensations on the Third-Eye like you mentioned, but I am also having many tingling sensations on my Crown Chakra, especially when I am writing or reading something which I feel is meaningful, or holds some profound truth for me.  I'm also noticing an increase in frequency of synchronicities lately.  Little things I think of are starting to happen, and often rather quickly.  It could be a song I want to hear gets played on the radio, a pair of shoes I want just show up at my house, a couple of display boxes I was thinking about were given to me out of the blue, candles will come to me, mostly little things, that I'm not too attached to.  These types of happenings can remind us of how holographic the universe truly is.  They could also possibly be practice for the future.

There's alot of talk in the metaphysical community about the raising of people's vibrations as we approach the year 2012.  As you may know, there are a number of prophecies floating about regarding the Winter Solstice of that year, the most known being the Hopi and Mayan.  I recently read a scientific article contending that time is actually speeding up.  From an astronomical perspective, I have read that our sun will be aligning with Galactic Center on or near that date.  I believe that as we approach that date, many of us who are doing spiritual work are going to notice changes.  I have been reading much material on this subject (and other similar subjects), and I personally have not yet come to a conclusion regarding what I think is going to happen on that date.  It could be good, it could be bad, it could be a mixture.  Those of us who began later in life on our spiritual quests might notice a larger difference in our own energies over the past few years than say, those who have always been on the spiritual side of things.

I would take your own increase in Third-Eye activity as a sign that your own vibrations are raising.  When you notice your Third-Eye buzzing, pay attention to details occurring at the time, besides your receiving the words, "Third-Eye".  Is there possibly any other meaning to it?  Try to think if there is anything else going on in that moment that you can connect your Third-Eye activity with.  You mentioned the strong reaction to a piece of Amethyst.  I had an Amethyst Beta Crystal from our store that did something similar to my Third-Eye, but it wasn't painful or uncomfortable.  If you are feeling bad or uncomfortable at any time when you are doing chakra work or energy healing, you should stop and take a break until you feel better.

If I were you, I would start meditating on a very regular basis, if you can.  I know it's difficult, as I am a mommy too, and I'm lucky to be able to meditate semi-regularly.  I feel that we all need to try to make time for experimenting with meditation and honing our chakras during these years leading up to 2012.  There is most certainly a reason why so many people are experiencing new activity in our chakras.  You can work with your chakras through meditation.  If you are experienced with meditation, it should not be difficult to work on your chakras.  If your reaction to the Amethyst was painful or uncomfortable, you might not want to work without crystals on your Third-Eye Chakra right now, just until you feel more adjusted to all the new activity.  However, if it was actually pleasant for you, you might enjoy working with your Amethyst some more, or you might want to try one of our Amethyst Beta Crystals that I mentioned, which really get the flow of energy going.  You can take a look at those here:

Since your Third-Eye Chakra is already quite sensitive right now, you might also consider trying some Black Tourmaline to ground some of that energy if it ever gets uncomfortable for you.  Black Tourmaline is very supportive for those new to energy work, and can be used to cleanse any chakra of stagnant or negative energies.  Black Tourmaline can also help your situation by providing protective energies against any negative energies that might be attracted to all that buzzing you've been doing lately.  You can see our Black Tourmaline on this page:

One last crystal I would like to suggest for you is Smokey Quartz.  Smokey Quartz is a wonderful grounding crystal, but because it is Quartz, it is also great for working on any chakra.  You might consider using some Smokey Quartz with your Third-Eye, to better ground any new intuitive information you might receive into the rest of your subtle bodies.  This will hopefully help to bring you a greater understanding of the meaning behind your increased Third-Eye activity.  Smokey Quartz is also known to anchor expanded consciousness into the physical body.  We carry a nice selection of Smokey Quartz on this page:

Of course, I could be totally wrong, but I have to think that these sensations are happening for some important reason.  In fact, my Crown Chakra has been buzzing the whole time I've been writing this email!  Consider that there are certain, higher abilities that some people have from birth, but others develop later on.  It may be that our chakras suddenly activating is a sign that we are ready to begin training ourselves for some new and different skill.  Or it could be that we are attuning to a new, higher vibrational dimension.  Is it possible that we are all starting to resonate to some new vibration coming into our Solar System perhaps? You can do a search for 12/21/2012 to see more detailed information on the subject.  Be forewarned that you might read some information that might not be exactly all blue skies and sunshine, but there will also be some very optimistic information out there on 2012 as well.  If you decide to start working with each of your chakras, you might find that your intuition will really start to kick in and give you some of your own answers.

I hope this solves the mystery for you somewhat anyway, as there may be no definitive answers just yet.  At least you have a better idea now.  Let me know if you have any other questions for me.

Brightest Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on May 03, 2008
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