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The difference between cleaning, clearing, and charging crys...
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The difference between cleaning, clearing, and charging crystals
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Subject: The difference between cleaning, clearing, and charging crystals
Date: 02/10/10
From: Gerik
To: Healing Crystals

Whats the difference between cleaning, clearing, and charging crystals? Thank you.


For me, cleaning can mean either physically cleaning the dust and buildup off of a crystal or energetically cleaning (also called clearing) the crystal.  For most folks, cleaning and clearing are often used interchangeably and basically mean the same thing. The idea is to remove/release/restore the crystals' energy.

Crystals that are used to send energy out may become depleted and need a cleansing to restore their energy.

Crystals that are used to pull energy in, like illness energy from the body or to remove negative energy away from a space, collect this energy in the crystal and this energy needs to be released.

Here is a summary page in our archives that share a variety of ways in which to clean/clear your crystals:

By the process of cleaning/clearing, you are also charging/recharging the crystal. In other words, you are removing all the dense energy, which brings the crystal back to its original and energetic state.

Many times, you will hear folks speak of charging, as in charging a crystal grid, or charging water. In the case of a crystal grid, this is a way to connect all of the crystals energetically to work for a singular purpose. In the case of charging water, you are infusing the water with the energy of the crystal.

This is a great question! I hope that this breakdown has made it easier to understand the differences between cleaning, clearing, and charging.

With love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

Posted on February 15, 2010
  Thank you for presenting such a clear - no pun intended - write-up of this topic. Many times, a person will buy a new crystal, not realizing that it may have been handled by numerous others who were searching for a new crustal, as well.

I am only sorry that the HTML page you listed in your link was not working when I tried to visit.

I know that many people will place a new, to them, crystal in a glass of purified cool water, and allow it to both absorb the purity and release the possible negative energy, which may have been picked up my multiple persons' handling.

It is important to clear the vibrations of others from the new crystal, before wearing it, especially when many crystals are worn so close to the solar plexus chakra, a very important location on the wearers' bodies. This tells the new owner how to initialize an clear a new - to them - crystal, allowing them to gain the benefits of healing crystals, without also taking on the vibration of someone else who may have been holding that same crystal for too long, thereby transferring some of their own issues to that crystal.

-a.  (Submitted by: AlexH on May 14, 2015)

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