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The Science of Gem Essences: What They Are and Why They Work...
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The Science of Gem Essences: What They Are and Why They Work! By Christina Alvarez
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The Science of Gem Essences: What They Are and Why They Work!

By Christina Alvarez


So what exactly is a Gem Essence all about and why does it work?  Have you ever taken a pill and knew it would work, even though physiologically you don’t know how it works? Why, when someone has a hard time sleeping, do they drink Chamomile tea? 

As we know, everything is made up of matter; some more condensed than others. This is the marvelous way in which we are able to have physical experiences.  Crystals and stones are no exception.  Science realized long ago, by example of ancient civilizations all over the world as well as watching animals, that plants and organic material can be used to create “remedies” for physical, mental, and emotional ailments. 

Now science is beginning to realize what those civilizations also knew so long ago - that everything has its own energy field, and resonates at a unique frequency.  What we also know is that by two different energy fields connecting with one another there is a perceptible shift of sorts.  Bach, through many trials, realized that by capturing the “energy” of a plant, its essence down to a single molecule, it can be used to balance an imbalanced person.  He also realized that each plant has its own unique “properties” or energy frequency. 

So for a simple example, let’s say that someone may be self-sabotaging and lacking self-love, which creates an imbalance in one’s energy field.   Many times one can perceive dis-harmony in the heart area with this.  One may want to create a Rose Quartz essence for that person, as Rose Quartz is very much about self-love, unconditional love and the like.  This will help clear out blocks and infuse the energy to assist in healing in this area as well as assist with correction of thought and perception and whatever created the dis-harmony in the first place. 

When we create an essence of any kind, essentially we are fusing the energy, or essence, of that particular crystal/gemstone, or group of crystals/gemstones into water or alcohol or combination of both.  We then ingest the essence to create a shift in the imbalance.  It is no different than taking Chamomile to aid in sleep; it’s just a different form and type of energy.

Anyone can create Gem Essences and the most important aspect that I have learned is INTENTION.  What is your goal?  We must be clear about our intentions in what we are creating, always for the best and highest good for the one who will be the receiver, and most of all: There is no right or wrong way to do it!  Listen to your intuition, use your creativity, and most of all have JOY in the process!!!  There are no limits with this; the only caution would be is to be selective when putting specific ones in water!

Try this: Put tumbled Amazonite in a jar of distilled water with the intention of clearing out the throat area and restoring it to perfect balance.  Then sit it outside for 24 hours…when you are done add a little to your drinking water and see what may be in store for you!   Be sure to always express gratitude for the process!

Beautiful Life LLC is founded by Christina Alvarez. I offer Intuitive Coaching, Guided Message Readings, and Gem Essences. 

Posted on February 01, 2013
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