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The Energy Of Our Home Is Thick And Full Of Anger. What Crys...
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The Energy Of Our Home Is Thick And Full Of Anger. What Crystals Can I Use To Bring More Positive Energy Into Our Home?
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Hello! Love your site! The energy in our home is thick and full of anger. There is no harmony or happiness here and it is affecting me. Please help!





Hi R:

Thanks for your question about which crystals that can bring positive energy into your home.  I am so sorry to hear that you feel so much angry energy.  I suggest that you get a Clear Quartz and/or a Rose Quartz.  Both of these crystal bring in so much positive and loving energy that I think it will make a huge difference for you.  I suggest that when you get your crystal that you hold it in your hand and ask that it be cleared of any past energy.  Then ask it to help your bring more light and love into your home.  I like placing them by a doorway that faces into your home or in the center of a room.  Another crystal that you could add is a Green Aventurine.  This crystal also has a lot of very positive energy and it brings prosperity and abundance.  Often when there is negative energy it is because someone is feeling impoverished in some way (not enough money, love, joy, etc.) and a Green Aventurine can turn that energy around.  My last suggestion is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. These are fantastic for clearing negative energy and I have several of them around my home.  Also, don't worry about the size or shape of the crystal because the smallest tumbled crystal has just as much energy as a larger one.  Check out the links by clicking on each crystal and see what you are drawn towards - that will be the one that will help you the most.

Thank you again for your question and for your support of Healing  I hope that I was able to help and I will look forward to hearing from you again.

Wishing you lots of Love and Light!

Crystal Blessings!


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Please Note: Crystals are for healing and should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular medical care. Crystals are not a medical treatment and should not be used as a replacement for medical care. Please consult your healthcare specialist for your particular needs.

Posted on August 15, 2014
  Thank you so much for this article there has been so much going on in our home and lives centered around one person particularly and it is affecting me as well and this is the perfect thing I needed this morning! I love your site and all that you do and your energy and oh just everything be blessed for you are a blessing and a light! God is with all of us! Donna  (Submitted by: Donna on August 15, 2014)

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