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Summer Solstice and Crystals
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Summer Solstice and Crystals
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Summer Solstice and Crystals

By Crystal Cosmopolitan

An astronomical event that occurs twice every year, marking the beginning of Summer and the beginning of Winter, the Solstice is a time when the Sun is at the highest (Summer) and the lowest (Winter) yearly altitude as measured from the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. The word “solstice” comes from two Latin words—“sol” (Sun) and “sistere” (standstill) -- indicating that the Sun comes to a stop before reversing its direction.  Along with the Spring and Fall Equinoxes, Solstices have been considered in many world’s traditions as the most spiritually powerful days in a calendar year.  While it marks the astronomical beginning of Summer, in ancient traditions this time period was known as Midsummer and is celebrated throughout the world in very similar ways even today.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice occurs on the 21st of June, as the Sun leaves the astrological sign of Gemini and enters into Cancer.  This longest day of the year is the day for celebrating the life-giving powers of the Sun, giving gratitude to the joys of life, and manifesting dreams into reality.   What we began thinking about, planning, and working towards in Winter and Spring, is now ready to come to fruition. This is a great day to socialize with friends, to spend time in nature, to meditate or to make personal sacred rituals with the symbols representing the Sun (Fire, circles, color yellow), the symbols representing Moon (Water, wavy shapes, color blue) and the symbols that represent Love.

You may carry, wear, or make grids with some or all of the crystals discussed below.

Crystals for Sun meditations/rituals and manifestation

Citrine is considered to be one of the strongest manifestation crystals.  It works to clear the blocks in the Solar Plexus chakra, connected to our willpower and self-esteem, but also chakras connected to security (Root) and creativity (Sacral).  Holding/carrying/wearing Citrine assists in purifying channels through which we receive abundance.

Ruby brings out the vitality, passion, and enthusiasm for life to the forefront of our attention.  It increases self-confidence and generates a “can-do” energy in those who wear/hold it. By attracting new opportunities to the person wearing it, Ruby works to strengthen one’s ability to meet life’s challenges with courage and determination.

Carnelian is a great crystal to use when one needs help to decide which direction or path to choose.  Known as a stone of motivation, creativity, and joyful experiences, Carnelian also assists in synthesizing various points of view and taking steps towards success.

Imperial Topaz recharges our body/mind/soul by connecting us with the Divine Light.  It renews one’s faith in one’s abilities, attracts beneficial energies, and assist’s one in becoming more charismatic and confident.


Crystals for Moon meditations/rituals and fertility

Moonstone  is a great crystal for invoking goddesses and deepening intuitive abilities.  While it is a stone of new beginnings, it is a stone that encourages being open to receive as opposed to taking action. Its calming energy relaxes our whole being and makes us more open to notice synchronistic events in our lives.

Blue Lace Agate  is a nurturing stone that opens one up to receiving spiritual messages that are for one’s highest good.  It diminishes fear of speaking up and gently supports sensitive souls in expressing their personal truth.

Chrysocolla is associated with goddess energies and empowerment for both men and women.  A receptive stone, it assists in perceiving the lessons of our life and builds confidence in expressing ourselves. It is especially related to healing through sound.

Crystals for Love meditations/rituals

Rose Quartz opens the heart up for accepting self-love and paves a way for successful love relationships by cleansing the old emotional patterns that may have prevented full expression of love. It is a stone that releases worry and stabilizes the heart, helping one become more love-centered in their thoughts and actions.

Morganite supports the heart by bringing joy and an increased sense of self-confidence in emotional matters.  It is also a wonderful stone to connect with the energy of the Divine and develop trust in one’s life path.

Kunzite  is an excellent high-vibrational stone for those who find it hard to meditate or to receive intuitive messages.  It is a great crystal for those who wish to feel good in their own skin, no matter where they are.  It dispels negativity from one’s aura and releases blocks to love in whatever shape they are present in one’s body/mind/soul.

Pink Calcite supports our physical heart and strengthens our connection with our emotions, making it a great stone for those who do not easily connect with their emotions or have a hard time expressing them. This gentle stone can be displayed around the home for creating a relaxing and peaceful environment.

If you feel drawn to other or additional crystals to use in creating your own personal rituals or symbols, listen to your intuition. The above list is merely a set of suggestions to get you started on your path of developing your own ways to celebrate all the blessings that life has to offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Love and Light,

Crystal Cosmopolitan

Posted on June 15, 2013
    (Submitted by: Christi on June 14, 2013)
  Thank you for a brilliant article! Loved the information on the Summer Solstice!  (Submitted by: purplemoon2008 on June 14, 2013)

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