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Sugar/Carb Addictions, Insomnia, Energy, Blood Sugar/Insulin
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Sugar/Carb Addictions, Insomnia, Energy, Blood Sugar/Insulin
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From: Chris
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 6:52 AM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

I just love your website.  guideance in what stones and crystals to use is very helpful.
I am a novice at this and appreciate the help.
I now come to you asking about what stones/crystals to use for the following that have plagued me most of my life:
1.  sugar addiction
2.  carbohyrdrate addiction
3.  chronic insomnia
4.  low energy
5.  low blood sugar/insulin resistant

Any guideance would be most appreicated.
Thank you so much!



Dear Chris~

Greetings and welcome to our website.  We are happy that you enjoy the information we provide here.  I see you have a number of concerns here, so I will do what I can to come up with some suggestions for you.  Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor and my suggestions are not meant in any way to replace the advice of your family doctor.  After considering your questions, I came up with the four best stones to offer a combination of properties that would have effects on two or more of the issues you mentioned, because it does seem that the symptoms you described are related to one another.

The best crystal for any kind of addiction is Amethyst.  High-vibrational Amethyst can provide balance where necessary, physically and mentally, and may offer some regulation for the metabolism, which also applies to your situation.  Amethyst is a healing, cleansing, and purifying crystal that is also considered to be a natural tranquilizer.  A very spiritually oriented crystal, Amethyst can enhance the meditative state, and is known to relieve stress and tension, especially when placed on the Third-Eye Chakra.  We have a nice selection of Amethyst here:

Another great healing crystal you might enjoy is Moldavite.  Given all the various ailments you have listed in your question, I wonder if there is a deeper cause for this cluster of issues.  Moldavite can help you to determine the root cause of any disease, and it sends its powerful healing vibrations to that cause.  Moldavite can align the chakras and clear any energy blockages as well.  Carrying a very high vibration, Moldavite can assist in raising consciousness and connecting with ones spirit guides.  You can see some Moldavite here:

Chlorite Phantom Crystals are great for all types of healing purposes, and especially self-healing.  Chlorite Phantoms offer a vibration of balance, and can help one to connect with healing guides.  Chlorite Phantoms can help one get back in tune with the Earth and the natural cycles of life, and has been known to open up a pathway between oneself and nature.  Working with Chlorite Phantom Crystals in body layouts can provide support for healing the cells and systems of the body, and can enhance one's own self-healing abilities.  To see some Chlorite Phantom Crystals, you can look at this page:

The final stone I want to mention in regards to your question is Carnelian.  Carnelian is a stone of vitality, and can enhance one's overall health.  Great for body layouts, Carnelian acts as a supportive agent for detoxifying the body from various substances, including sugar, which is a byproduct of carbohydrates.  A stone of purification, Carnelian can help to break negative patterns of behavior and clean up the energetic residue of such patterns.  Wearing or holding Carnelian can enhance the flow of energy throughout the body, helping all the physical functions of the body, including metabolism and regulation.  If you would like to see some Carnelian, take a look here:

Since you mentioned that you are a novice regarding crystals, I would like to recommend the following articles for your edification:
Clearing Your Crystals:
Programming Your Crystals:

If and when you purchase a new stone, I would like you to consider attuning to your new piece.  Attunement to a crystal is the process of spending some time with it, in order to align your vibrations to those of the new crystal.  When I attune to a new stone, I will spend a week or two, doing a few things with it, including sleeping with it in my hand or under my pillow, meditating with it for at least 20 minutes a day (perhaps on a correlating chakra), carrying it in my pocket wherever I go, and frequently holding the crystal in my hand whether meditating or not.  Over this period of time, I am able to get an idea of the energies carried within this stone that will probably apply the most to my specific needs.

I hope this information helps you.  If you have any other questions, feel free to write again.

Peace and Love,


Posted on February 15, 2008
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