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Squirrel Animal Totem
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Squirrel Animal Totem
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Squirrel Animal Totem
By Susan Jolley

This animal totem is Squirrel - Practicality, Playfulness, Communication

We all see Squirrel burying food throughout the year so you would assume that his medicine would be that of gathering and preparedness.  While this is a part of his teachings, he also wants you to know that he actually only finds about 10% of the nuts that he has buried.  Squirrel is showing you that you may be foolishly over prepared and may need to start de-cluttering your life - this includes not only your physical world but your thoughts, worries, fears, and stresses.  Being practical will help you achieve balance in your life.  Squirrel reminds you that 90% of what has been buried will actually sprout the next generation of fruit bearing trees.  He is showing you to be mindful of your thoughts because they are the metaphorical seeds that you are sowing and it is from those seeds that you will reap the consequences.

Squirrel is showing you how to have more fun in your life.  Squirrel can have what appears to be eccentric or frantic behaviors but in fact this is a way for him to release the store of pent up energies that he accumulates.  This is a healthy outlet for discharging that energy.  Do you find yourself being a little erratic at times?  Have you ever been called "squirrelly or nutty"?  Do you find yourself trying to do too many things at one time?  If you take some time out for play to release your pent up energies, you will find that you will be more focused when you return to your task at hand.  If not, work will create problems, become more difficult, and less fruitful.

Squirrel is a noisy communicator.  He not only uses his voice to express himself, but uses body language as well.  He is extremely observant and often imitates what he sees.  This is how he learns.  Squirrel is teaching you to become more observant of those around you.  What is their body language telling you?  Can you hear the real meanings behind the tonal fluctuations in a person's speech?  Can you fully express your feelings by using your body language, your words and tones or a combination of both?  Watch and learn from those you admire and self reflect when you see those that you do not admire.


Crystals to help you remember Squirrel's medicine are:


Tiger Iron    

Desert Rose     





Apache Tears     



Golden Rutilated Quartz     



Indigo Aura Quartz   

Blue Apatite        


Blue Kyanite     


Mitakuye Oyasin-All My Relations and Crystal Blessings,


Posted on August 08, 2016
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