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Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)    [CSPOBS]
Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)
Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)
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Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India) Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)
Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India) Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)
Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)
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Snowflake Obsidian Spheres - These cut and polished Snowflake Obsidian Spheres from India are jet black with distinct grayish-white snowflake patterns. Snowflake Obsidian is black obsidian with lacy white inclusions of the mineral phenocryst. Volcanic in origin, Snowflake Obsidian helps to draw emotions to the surface and to examine harmful thought patterns.  

A good choice for past life work, Snowflake Obsidian heals old karmic patterns and helps in examining harmful thought patterns. Sometimes called the "Stone of Purity," Snowflake Obsidian is associated with the skeletal and vascular systems, and is said to support smooth skin. Snowflake Obsidian calms and soothes when working with the Sacral Chakra, and is also good for working with the Root Chakras.  Snowflake Obsidian is a good choice for Sagittarius.  

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Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)
Properties for Stone:Snowflake Obsidian
Primary Chakra:Root Chakra
Secondary Chakra:Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Crystal System:Amorphous Crystal System
Chemical Composition:SiO2_Silicon_Dioxide_with_impurities
Astrological Sign:Capricorn, Virgo
Numerical Vibration:Number 8
Hardness:5 to 5.5 Hardness
Color:Black, White
Pronunciation:SNOH-fleyk uhb-SID-ee-uhn
Mineral Class:Mineraloids
Issues and Ailments (Physical):Abdominal Pressure, Balance Physical Body, Digestive System, Ears, Ears (Hearing), Skeleton, Skin
Issues and Ailments (Emotional):Calm, Calming, Loneliness, Lonely, Soothing
Issues and Ailments (Spiritual):Astral Travel, Balance, Clairaudience, Dispel Negativity, Increases Sensitivity to Energy, Meditation, Protection during Psychic Work, Synchronicity, Transformation
Extra Grade:Beautiful jet black color with beautiful white/gray snowflake patterns, opaque, < 10% matrix
A Grade:Nice black color with nice white/gray snowflake patterns, opaque, 10% - 25% matrix
B Grade:Poor black color with poor white/gray snowflake patterns, opaque, and/or > 25% matrix
Affirmation:I am strong and highly adaptable.
Question:How do you purify your space?
Category:Cut & Polished Crystals
Color:White, Black
Sphere - Snowflake Obsidian Spheres (India)    [CSPOBS]