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So, What’s So Special About A Crystal Healer? By Stephanie...
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So, What’s So Special About A Crystal Healer? By Stephanie Arnold
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So, What’s So Special About A Crystal Healer?

By Stephanie Arnold


Recently I happily added another new crystal to my collection – a beautiful piece of Libyan Gold Tektite. I had been drawn to this crystal for some time now and was fortunate enough to find one at my local crystal shop. I was so excited to hold it for the first time and when the sales person put the crystal in my hand I rubbed the surface, eagerly soaking in the energies and feeling their effect on my body and energy field for the first time. My euphoria was interrupted by the comments of the woman working in the store. She was a fellow crystal junkie, like myself, and told me about having her own collection of crystals at home. However, she then proceeded to tell me how the piece I was holding was the last of its kind at the store. She had planned to purchase it, until she noticed a chip on one side. I turned the crystal in my hand and rubbed the spot that had clearly been chipped. She told me that it was being sold at a discount due to the imperfection and that it was not good enough for her personal collection.  She explained she is very picky and chooses only the “crystals that are perfect.” Her comments then made me feel extremely sad for her.  I felt like she was missing out on all the wonderful energies that crystals have to offer, by only seeing the imperfections and flaws in them. While she clearly appreciates the beauty of flawless crystals, which is easy to do, she is missing the beauty of the flawed ones and all the wonderful energy they can provide.

These are the very unique details that many Crystal Healers love and cherish about their crystals. The rainbows, fissures, cracks and crevices, inclusions, chips and everything else that makes a crystal and its energy unique.  This is the true difference between Crystal Healers and other crystal junkies.  A Crystal Healer will cherish his/her crystals with love and affection, not only by their appearance, but for the many other offerings they hold too.  Crystal Healers see them as friends.  Because many Crystal Healers have the ability to identify crystals by their energies as well as their appearance, they often develop a deep respect for the earth that provided these magical stones over such unbelievably long periods of time. They have feelings of gratitude towards the crystals and the environments that supported their growth. They have amazement in these awesome little energy sources that were formed in the perfect conditions and brought by unseen forces into our lives to enrich and help us as needed.  

What a marvelous chain of perfect events leading up to me, at this exact moment, looking into my hand at the powerful, yet chipped piece of ancient glass that had miraculously found its way to me in a stroke of fate, because I needed it now. Due to its imperfections, it had been overlooked and passed over by who knows how many collectors. Unfortunately, a true understanding of crystal healing cannot be learned by simply memorizing the Crystal Bible and collecting specimens. It has to be felt deep within yourself, from your very soul – the essence that makes us as unique as these crystals. THIS is what makes a Crystal Healer so special.

 “I’ll take it,” I said. “It’s absolutely perfect.”

Posted on March 22, 2013
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