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Sleep Aids
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Sleep Aids
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Sleep Aids

By Lourdes Lebron

Although many of us try to get the recommended amount of sleep, there are times it’s as elusive as a winning lottery ticket.  Stress, electronics, foods we eat, and even what we read and watch on TV or the computer can all affect the quality and quantity of our rest. In this article I’d like to make suggestions that may enhance the quality of your sleep and bring you some much needed rest.

Many people don’t realize that the foods you eat can play a part in the quality of sleep you have.  If you eat a heavy meal right before you go to sleep, your body will spend most of its time digesting food, as opposed to helping you rest and restore your body.  If you have to eat right before you sleep, try something light like fruit, a glass of milk, or some non-sugary cereal.  Drinking herbal teas with Lavender and Chamomile an hour or two before bedtime can evoke a more restorative state within the body.

Exercising before going to bed can also interfere with a good night’s sleep.  The workout can rev up your body and you can become “wired”.  Instead of an intense workout, try a relaxing yin yoga practice and/or meditating, since they can release built up stress from the day.  Working on a soothing hobby like reading, beading, or crocheting may also let the mind release the problems and challenges being faced during the day, allowing the body a chance to recover.

Electronics can obstruct your sleep.  Many people who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields find it difficult to get a fitful rest at night; especially if there are electronics near their beds.  One way to help is to keep electronics at least three feet from the bed.  Another way is to place cork on the floor beneath the mattress to limit the EMFs coming through the floor.  Certain crystals like Black Tourmaline can aid in blocking this energy when placed on the floor under the bed and/or on a night table next to the bed.

To help get a good night’s rest, it is essential to have your space cleared of unwanted energies.  An easy way to do this is to clean the room physically and then clean it energetically with Sage and/or incense by spreading the smoke into the corners (smudging).  Many people don’t realize that mattresses and linens can hold in unwanted energies.  Smudging the mattress and pillow (using fire proof containers), and washing the linens (adding a drop or two of Sage essential oil to the rinse water) will help release the harmful vibrations.  Some people find salt lamps also encourage a peaceful night’s sleep by balancing the ions in the air.  This would be especially beneficial if the lamp is within 3 feet of the bed.

Once the room is cleared, a tranquil atmosphere can be induced by using a Lavender scented candle.  The candle can be burned before bedtime and crystals like Lepidolite and  Amethystcan be placed around it to absorb the peaceful vibrations. 

Upon bedtime, the crystals can be placed underneath the pillow where the energies of the stones will work with the aura to release the stress of the day.  Another way to use the crystal energy is to infuse crystals with the intention to get a peaceful night’s sleep and then gridding the room with these crystals. The stones can be placed in all of the corners and one in the center of the room.  Selenite, Amethyst, and Blue Calcite would work very well for this intention.  If you don’t wish to grid a whole room you can place a grid under your bed.

Placing one hand on the heart and the other on the abdomen while breathing to a count of four can bring comfort to the spirit and soul.  Some people find comfort in placing both hands an inch below the belly button.  This soothes and calms many of the energy systems in your body and encourages a peaceful rest cycle.

Finally, if you find that the sleep eludes you more often than not, you may wish to check with your healthcare provider for other possible explanations.  Hormone imbalances and/or herbal supplements may interfere with your rest.  Combining these suggestions with Allopathic medicine can bring you the restful sleep you need to be your best.

Posted on January 18, 2013
  Brilliant information, easy to read and follow, anyone with a sleep problem should read this. Many thanks. xx  (Submitted by: norma giannotti on July 20, 2013)
  Nice read  (Submitted by: Angela12 on June 16, 2013)
  I look forward to the newsletter. J B  (Submitted by: judy bess on March 10, 2013)
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