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Sessions & Classes - Astrology Readings by Austin Muhs    [SAUST]
Sessions & Classes - Astrology Readings by Austin Muhs
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Austin Muhs is a dedicated Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Numerologist. Preferring to look into the outskirts of life, Austin decided to investigate the rhythms of the cosmos in search of his own deeper meaning.  Knowing that the conventional means of existence would never suffice for him, he pledged his life to helping others using all of the esoteric tools at his disposal.  He has authored 3 books (1 was ghostwritten for another) on the topic of self-discovery.  He currently resides in Santa Monica, CA and likes to spend his leisure time doing Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other meditative arts.  He loves nature and coffee to the extreme and is always willing to lend a hand to help another find their way. His books are Startup Fever and The Soul System of Astrology.  You can find more info on his website @: 


Twitter:  @austinmuhs
Instagram: @astrologybyaustin


The Soul System of Tarot: How Combining Astrology, Tarot and Numerology can Help you Find your Life’s Purpose. E-book - $4.95, Audio - $13.99

The Soul System is a no-nonsense book aimed at those looking to take life by the horns and make some serious progress in their spiritual life. This text will jumpstart the reader's spiritual quest, as well as their understanding of the Hermetic arts (no matter where they find themselves in life currently). Given societal uncertainty, the wisdom of the Hermetic arts have never been more needed in the world. 

Combining Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology in ways never before presented, The Soul System offers a way to take the heavy lifting out of tapping into your intuition. It presents a path to self-understanding by decoding what your birthday says about your highest-potential vocation in this life, while also detailing the activities that can leave you fulfilled on the soul level.

In this book you will:

  • Learn to calculate your own “Soul System” chart!
  • Identify the main strengths and weaknesses in your life and your true nature.
  • Figure out if you are on the right track in your professional life.
  • Learn about your innate God given gifts to help others.
  • Discover ways to jumpstart your creativity.
  • Find ways to squelch bad habits of the past.
  • Get clues towards the meaning of life.
  • Understand the importance of your vocational uniqueness.
  • Figure out how to stop second-guessing your occupation choices.
  • Probe the deep mysteries encoded within your birthday.
  • Find ways to unify with the higher energetic realms.
  • Develop the ability to continually renew your sense of self love.

Startup Fever: How Crowdfunding Will Rebuild the American Dream
Paperback - $12.99, E-book - $4.95

The American dream is having a mid-life crisis! It doesn't matter if you are a high level executive or a high school dropout, in this day and age people are on the hunt for more meaningful work. People realize that time is short and want to do something special and unique with their working lives. A quest which has resulted in frustration for many; luckily, crowdfunding has swooped in to save the day. For those looking to make the most out of the crowdfunding wave, a better time has never been upon us. 

The author takes us on his journey from middle-class disenfranchisement to vocational enrichment; exploring the who, what, and why along the way. Startup Fever shows readers how crowdfunding allows you to create your own entrepreneurial destiny if you are willing to put in the time and effort. As is with anything long lasting, solid preparation is the key. This book serves to alleviate many people's concerns about starting a new business in this economic climate. Austin shows readers how emotional and spiritual healing can emanate from people who embrace a meaningful vocation.

In this book you will…

  • Learn how to take steps towards manifesting your economic destiny.
  • Work hard toward goals that help the world at large.
  • Recapture your soul essence and help people at the same time.
  • Understand the economic cycles coming in the next 10-20 years.
  • Learn why young people will need a true vocation to survive the coming economic cycles.
  • Let go of your self-doubt when it comes to economic independence.

1 Hour Tarot Reading $90 (or 30 mins for $45)

Work with Austin one-on-one for one full hour via Skype or phone to get your questions answered about life and where it’s heading. Austin will cover the waterfront and allow you to ask as many questions as you like. No subject is too big or too small for the all-encompassing scope of the Tarot. Austin’s only aim during a reading is to be a clear mirror with which you can reflect upon the thoughts milling through your subconscious.  It’s an exercise which will bring resolution to many of life’s difficult choices and conundrums.  He does not sugarcoat, but he loves to shield difficulty in humor.

Austin recommends a Tarot Reading for anyone dealing with more immediate life issues that need quick answers concerning relationships, career, family, health, and other pressing issues. The Tarot can help you compare specific courses of action and find the one most appropriate for your specific goals.

“When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.” - Lao Tzu

1 Hour Full Astrological Chart and Analysis - $130

An Astrology reading is best for those seeking to forecast long-term plans, and souls who are interested in their own personal psychological makeup.  I provide something more than the common birthday horoscope simply because a reading involves much more than a horoscope sign or birth date. Astrology will definitely help you identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as untangle psychological neurosis and relationship foibles that may be plaguing your development. It will point out which life areas are filled with luck and ease, and what life areas that always prove difficult.  With this enhanced knowledge of spiritual and personal developmental work, anyone can attain a harmonious and positive life state. My goal is to bring you to a point where you are able to achieve balance and happiness so you can passionately live the life the world intended. In short you will define the ultimate meaning of your own life, and be freed to pursue that course to the fullest.

Tarot Coaching Pack

The Soul System E-book + 60 minute Tarot Coaching Session - $120

During these personalized coaching sessions, Austin will help you to crystalize any inquiries you might have with regards to his book, The Soul System of Tarot.  He will run through spreads and answer any specialized questions you may have regarding conducting readings. 

Numerology Reading - $81  

Austin recommends a numerology reading for anyone wanting to assess their own life’s deeper meaning; people who are in search of what will make them happiest on a deep soul level.  Are your life goals compatible with what fate dictates  Sometimes what we want from life and what life gives us is not a match.  The numbers of our name and birthday can help us identify such scenarios–help us come to terms with our own life purpose. Human life is nothing more than a pit stop in the evolutionary travels of a soul being. We require help to identify a life area that promises to bring us success, and help to determine what life areas need more internal work so we can enjoy bountiful balance and success.

In-depth Relationship Reading - $150

This reading is designed to get the skinny on you and your loved one, and assess the long term potential of your relationship.  I look for a laundry list of key factors to determine your strengths and weaknesses within the relationship.   This will show you how stable and secure you are within the union, or offer warnings if the partnership is detrimental to your psychological and emotional health. I can also look for strategies to stabilize long-term conflicts, and abate them through greater understanding of the individual’s patterns and psychological makeup.  I can see if your partner and you are both really feeling fulfilled within the partnership, or if it is just fulfilling both of your short term needs.  Sometimes one partner is more invested in the relationship than the other, which can cause issues as well. All of these issues can be addressed via the divination arts, and they can give you an indication as to whether your union will be able to stand the test of time.

Life Coaching - $150/month or $1300.00 annually.

For this price Austin will spend 2 hours with you per month to help you analyze goals and help to keep you on track with your potential and life’s purpose.  He has seen dozens of clients make successful life transitions using his tried and true personal development techniques. If you are looking for a prolonged and meaningful transformation in your personal life, this is a great way to get you there. 

Tarot Online Teacher Training Program Coming Soon!


Physical and Metaphysical Properties for Sessions & Classes - Astrology Readings by Austin Muhs
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Sessions & Classes - Astrology Readings by Austin Muhs    [SAUST]
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