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Selenite By Debbie Elaine
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Selenite By Debbie Elaine
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By Debbie Elaine


People often ask me, “What is your favorite crystal?” Honestly, I don’t have one - each time I think I do, another one finds a way to prove to me how awesome it is, and then I realize I just really like crystals, period. Still, the crystals I work with the most tend to be at the top of my “Favorite Crystals” list.

Take Selenite, for instance. I have it in almost every room of my home. I have Selenite wands, lamps, sticks, pocket stones, candle holders, and towers. My first piece, the candleholder, was one I bought because it looked cool and a friend told me I should have Selenite. For the first year I had it, it did nothing for me except make me dizzy when I held it!

But soon, I started making crystal jewelry, and I found it is useful for clearing jewelry overnight so it’s ready to be worn again the next day.  Then I started putting other crystals I was starting to collect on Selenite to clear them when I first brought them home, and again when they didn’t feel “right” any more.

You see, one of the great things about Selenite is that it doesn’t absorb negative energy; it transmutes it to light because its crystalline structure is very much like fiber optics - long and very narrow. So by design, it has a program of transient energy - moving stuff around instead of leaving it all stuck and blocked up. Thus Selenite doesn’t need clearing. But, it DOES sometimes need energizing. Moonlight (it is named after “Selene” a Moon Goddess, after all) is a great way to charge it. So are healing music and Reiki. Selenite will also dissolve in water over time, so you don’t want to get it wet. Raw pieces can sometimes flake off in small needles, so I also keep it way out of reach of my dog and any children who visit!

Selenite has been great as pain relief for my overworked and sore muscles. Wrapping a piece of Selenite in a handkerchief and tying it to a sore knee overnight  helps me move better the day after doing too much yard work. And ladies, if your “girls” get sore from PMS, sleep with a smooth piece in each bra cup, with the intention of removing dense energy. (Sorry, was that T.M.I?)

Selenite is also great for grid work.  If you want to meditate in a protective, energized space, sit in a chair with several Selenite sticks surrounding the chair, pointing inwards. A Selenite or Quartz crystal tower under the chair will add to the energy.

On days when I come home with everyone else’s energetic muck attached to me, I sit quietly with a piece of Selenite in my hands and imagine everything that is sticking to me  - including my own stress - just going into the crystal, and emerging as a beautiful fountain of light.

Some people want a beer after work - I’ll take the Selenite and some soft music, any day!

Posted on December 28, 2012
  Great Information!  (Submitted by: Jo W on December 28, 2012)

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