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Removing Negativity And Bring in Prosperity And Love
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Removing Negativity And Bring in Prosperity And Love
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I would like to create positive energy at work. I am also with a person who is two-faced, craves recognition, and lies. I want to draw love and money. Do I need quartz, or hemite at work? What about a pink crystal or amber?


Dear G,

Thank you for contacting us with your questions. Working with negative people can be such a difficult situation! From your description of the problem, it sounds like you do not have a space of your own, but must share it with a person who is very difficult to be around for several reasons! I would suggest wearing the crystals as a pendant or necklace to protect your own energy when around this person.

Hematite and Quartz are indeed protective crystals, but for protection from negative energy, Black Tourmaline is the go-to crystal for most people. Hematite can be overpowering and difficult for many people to wear and Quartz must be carefully programmed to be protective, because it has so many energetic properties that it needs specific instructions or will not be of much help. Black Tourmaline, by nature, helps hide you from the negative energy, giving you an energetic cloak of protection, so to speak. Other good options include Black Obsidian and the slightly more gentle Rainbow Obsidian. Tourmalinated Quartz combines Black Tourmaline and Quartz for another great protective crystal option.

Drawing money, or prosperity to your life is a common use for crystals. Generally, setting up a crystal grid programmed for prosperity in a corner of your home would be the way to approach this. We have a helpful video for  how to use crystal grids posted on youtube that covers this more easily than I can in an email. Citrine and  Green Jade  are considered to be helpful for attracting abundance and prosperity. Green Aventurine is also a crystal used to attract luck, abundance and success. Additionally, Tiger Eye is thought to bring luck and prosperity to the user.

You asked about needing pink crystal or amber. I am not sure if you are asking about them for work or prosperity and love. Rose Quartz, a pink crystal can be protective by bringing in the energy of unconditional love. Whereas the Black Tourmaline hides you from negativity, Rose Quartz replaces negative energy with the much higher, purer vibration of unconditional love. Amber is somewhat protective as it cleanses your aura, which is like boosting your energetic immune system, so to speak. You are less likely to be affected by negative energy when your own aura is strong. It’s difficult to keep a strong aura with negative energy bombarding you daily! So, Amber might be helpful to you in that way.

Regarding attracting love to your life. This, I have found, is always complicated! However, pink crystals such as Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodoniteand Kunzite all vibrate with the energy of unconditional love, and yet each seems to have slightly different ways of healing with that energy. They are thought to each help with opening the user’s heart to receive and give love, and thus, help attract it to that person. Some people also go a step further and set up a crystal grid using these crystals to help attract love.

You’ll notice I’ve given you several options for each of your requests. Everyone’s energy reacts differently with different crystals. Please look at pictures of the crystals I’ve listed and read about them and then use your intuition to help you choose which ones to work with.

Also, if you are new to crystal healing, be sure to cleanse the energy of your crystals before and after each use for maximum effectiveness. We have several articles explaining a variety of ways to do this and even a video to help cleanse the crystal energy very easily.

Finally, please be advised that crystal healing is an “art” and not a science. Sometimes it takes trial and error before finding what works for you. There are no guaranteed results with crystal healing because everyone and every stone is slightly different.  I wish you happiness and prosperity and love in your journey.


Crystal Blessings!
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Posted on August 22, 2012
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