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Re: Stones for 5y/o (continued)
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Re: Stones for 5y/o (continued)
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From: Nancy
Sent: Tuesday, April 01, 2008 11:04 AM
Subject: RE: Stones for 5y/o with Anger and Communication Issues

Hi Cheryl - Yesterday, I received the crystals that I ordered for my son.  As usual, I am so pleased with them.  I've read that Carnelian does not need clearing and is able to clear other stones if kept in a bag/box.  The pouch that I've given my son has the carnelian in it along with the other stones you mentioned and some additional stones (clear and rose quartz, amethyst, ruby).  Will I ever need to clear the stones that he carries in his pouch if the carnelian is in the mix.  If not, I probably won't need to reprogram them on a regular basis.  Am I right??

In general how often should stones be cleared and reprogrammed? I did not program his stones with a specific intention only with the stones natural properties.  I had him hold his stones and he slept with them as well.  He loves them!!

Thanks again for all of your help.  I've ordered many times from your site and I've always been very pleased.  Your service benefits us all and for that I am sooo appreciative!

God bless!



Hi Nancy~

Wow, that was fast! We are so glad you like the crystals you ordered.  You are correct that Carnelian is self-cleansing, and that it can cleanse other stones that are in the pouch with it.  While the stones in the pouch with the Carnelian don't need to be cleansed, I would recommend keeping the stones, with which he sleeps and perhaps later will meditate, separate from the pouch.  You might consider using the Amethyst and the Clear Quartz as the items not included in the pouch.  These would be special for different times, as different activities and times of the day carry different energies.  Stones accustomed to your son for during the days activities would absorb different energies than the ones he spends time with in the evenings.  If you use the Amethyst and Clear Quartz as these evening crystals, then you might want to cleanse them either weekly, or after any intense sessions.  These are the only stones that would need to be programmed, and consequently, cleansed afterwards.  The stones in the pouch won't need to be cleared regularly though.  

The only reason you would want to program any crystals for your son is for any specific purpose you might think about.  If you are only interested in the specific metaphysical properties of any stone, then you wouldn't need to program it.  However, you would want to cleanse it periodically, perhaps weekly, save for extenuating circumstances.  None of this is set in stone, of course, as we are all individuals with unique energies and needs.

I hope this information clears things up for you.  We are so glad that your son is enjoying his new crystals!

Peace & Love,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on April 01, 2008
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