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Questions on Charging Water with Crystals
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Questions on Charging Water with Crystals
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Subject: Questions on Charging Water with Crystals
Date: 05/21/10
From: Lydia
To: Healing Crystals

I was really impressed about the crystals for inflamation because I was looking for some advice.  Thank you.  I tried the amber and bloodstone because I was told it is a good detoxifyer.  The sweling has gone down. 

A few months ago, I made some amyethyst water and I was drinking it by the glass.  It made me feel real good, but after the third day I started feeling lightheaded.  Now I know I was overdosing.  Didn't think that was possible but I found out you only use up to ten drops at a time with an elixer.  My cat tipped over my amber water and I was wondering if it would hurt him.

Also can you tell me if rough or tumbled stones are better with the water?

Also, if i can keep my rough stones in sea salt to charge them or do I need to change them to water?  I like the fountain ideas.

Can I drink the water from the fountain and can I mix the stones, or should I do them seperately?

Thanks for letting me take so much of your time.

- Lydia





Hi Lydia,

I am very happy that the article was helpful to you! I see that you have quite a few questions, so let's address them here one by one.

1. Will spilling the water charged with amethyst hurt your cat?
No, I do not think it will hurt your cat at all. It may even energize the kitty :)

2. Are rough or tumbled stones better with water?
I actually prefer tumbled stones for the most part. I do use raw quartz crystal points to enhance the energy, but all in all tumbled is easier to work with for me. Make sure to check our Crystal Cautions page for stones that should NOT be immersed in water.

3. Can you keep rough stones in sea salt to charge them or does she need to keep them in water?
The way you cleanse your stones is really a personal preference. I personally do not use sea salt because a lot of crystals can be damaged by a chemical reaction with the salt, which may change the appearance (looking scratched or as if the finish has been removed, etc.).

4. Can you drink the water from a fountain filled with crystals?
Are you referring to a table top fountain? I personally would not drink the water out of those. There are so many things that float around our air and may land in there :) dust, dander, pollen, etc. I am not sure that would be beneficial :)

5. Can you mix the stones or do they have to be kept separate?
Are you asking as far as charging water? Or just in general? For charging water, in most cases, mixing stones is just fine. I would limit it to no more than three, just to keep the intent and energy constant. Again, check the Crystal Cautions page to make sure none of the ones you choose are toxic.

I also wanted to add a little something about charging your drinking water. It is always a good idea to remember that charged water is concentrated. I recommend seven drops of the charged water into a regular glass of water. That will be enough to infuse the body with the crystal energy without any side effects :)

I hope this has helped answer your questions :)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on June 01, 2010
  i really thankyou for replying the answers were right on time i have b een charging my stones outside in a clear glass i put alot of different stones in one jar but to drink i charge them seperately i use bloodstone amythist, and rain forest jasper they do help with cleaning my system i also have a favorite flourite that disapates the tumors i pput it on the part that hurts and it moves to the place where it needs the healing scared me the first time but it worked it has disolved a few tumors i don't know how but i thank God  (Submitted by: lydia on August 21, 2010)

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