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Question about working with crystals
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Question about working with crystals
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From: Alexis
Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2008 11:27 AM
Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing
Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

First off - kudos on such a great web site! VERY informative and lovingly
written. The information that I've gleaned has been most valuable as I begin
a deeper connection with crystals and their uses.

I'm finding that the more I place conscious awareness on crystals; their
uses, research and quiet contemplation - the more I'm finding my intuition
being sharpened. In other words, I will find that I will dream about a
particular stone in my collection and somehow know that I am to work with it
in some capacity. Other times, I'll be in the room where I have most of my
stones on display and one or the other will "call out" to me to be used at
that time. One evening, I got the "sense" to grab my small pyrite cluster,
hold it in my left hand from the back of my neck and literally drop it from
my left hand and catch it with my right hand which was behind my back and at
the base of my spine. I thought "how crazy, WHY am I doing this?" Obviously
my concern was that I would drop and damage it if not caught with my right
hand. I later learned from one resource that pyrite is a grounding stone
whose best use is at the solar plexus chakra. There seemed to be a
correlation as to why I was going through this "awkward" exercise.

I wanted to get your thoughts on this particular "movement" I did (and have
since done with the pyrite on several occasions). Does this sound familiar
to you? Although I know and believe that crystal and stone uses (including
the clearing and programming and meditating process) is largely an intuitive
and subjective process.

Your thoughts are very much appreciated.




Hi Alexis,

Thank you for your entheusiasm and complements.  We enjoy getting feedback from our customers and love hearing about their healing experiences with the crystals.

I'm not familiar with this particular movement although I do believe that you were "called" by the crystals and your inner guidance to perform this movement.  Sometimes we want to "understand" what is being asked of us because that's how the mind works.  When we're working on a deeper level, the meaning is not the most important thing, it's trusting the inner guidance and letting the "knowing" come when it's time.  This "knowing" or "gnosis" comes when the mind is connected to the heart.  The heart is the wisdom, not the mind.  When I read your email, the word "balance" came to my consciousness.  The left hand represents "female" or receiving and the right hand represents "male" or giving.  One way to interpret the movement is grounding the feminine and masculine in the physical body through this exercise. Since pyrite is a grounding stone, it's possible that you're grounding and balancing higher frequencies in the physical body as well as balancing all your energetic fields with this movement. Check in and see if this resonates with you, take what works, leave the rest and trust your inner guidance.

Much love and light to you as you go deeper with the crystal energy and your healing process.


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