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Question about Azeztulite
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Question about Azeztulite
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From: Lenette
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 10:41 AM
Subject: Phenacite


I am back once again with another question.  I would like your opinion on something because I trust you.  Can you tell me if you have any experience with or knowledge of Azezulite?

There is a site on-line that says that it is nothing more than white quartz.  I suppose it depends on your belief in what is said about the metaphysical properties in the books, etc. but, I would like to get your opinion if you have one.  Most of what I have read also says that "real" Azezulite comes from a specific, now closed mine, in North Carolina yet, there are many pieces being sold on-line(especially e-bay) that say they are from South Carolina and other places.

Lastly, if you have an opinion on Azezulite and had to choose between that and Phenacite what would be your choice?  Thanks again and please don't worry about rushing to answer this. I know you are very busy.

Thanks and many blessings,




I have not heard of Azeztulite before, but upon reading some sources on it, I see that it is a "high vibration" stone that was originally found in North Carolina.  It is possible that additional veins of this crystal exist elsewhere are are currently being mined.  However, until someone performs specific mineral identification tests, the new source is not certain to be the same mineral composition.   These tests may already have been done, but since I could not find information on the new mining sources, then I suggest that you question its origins when considering a purchase.  

As with all crystals, I suggest that you use your intuition to see if it feels right for you to make the purchase.   Even if a crystal is not "authentic", it may still be "just what you need" despite the fact that the origin and/or properties are not properly represented.   

My personal favorite stone on the planet is Phenacite, but that's just me for where I Am at the moment.   First I began working with Moldavite and then "worked up" to Phenacite.   Moldavite is a very powerful stone and is my best suggestion to begin opening your 3rd Eye and building your intuition.  

Thanks for another good question.  :-)  Keep me posted on how you enjoy working with the different stones.  I look forward to hearing from you again soon. 

Have a wonderful day!

Love and Harmony,

Shawn Adler
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Posted on July 14, 2006
  I just recently found out about this crystal too!! I am a Cert. Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive Holistic Jewelry Designer, Cert. Aroma Therapy Practitioner and have been a Stone and Crystal user since I was a child. I have recently started to use the Azeztulite when doing healing treatments. It has an AMAZINGLY HIGH frequency and it makes you feel as if you are surrounded by Angels and in a whirl wind of Loving Energy and Light!!! The strongest and most noticeable one that I have ever experienced. So strong, that even after putting it back down, I can still feel the energy from it in the palms of my hands for a long while. I have a rough piece now, but I hope to get more and maybe even a pendant, if I am able to find "the rite one". I would have to say that this is the ultimate Light Worker stone/crystal and I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more about it!!!!  (Submitted by: Kixter on September 06, 2013)
  azezulite is a very potent crystal. I'm comfort with High vbration stone. I have early onset dementia. There is pink, gold and and itI'm going to use pink, it deals with Dna, It opens up the cells, and if there any genetic problems, it goes up the spine, and the cells will take miasms.
This come from Judy Hall -101Power Crystals. The reason for pink because it's the feminine Dive. Gold is ft the ascended masters,blah blahblah. I don't want to deal with well Hope you might like the book.

I wIas really thankful that you were that you we that to gave me this time to make a reply.It's a ten
I found out by Azezulite recently. There are a lot of new crystals. I use Chrysocalla, with with drusy Quartz. it helps to make you talk. I have aphasia, and sometimes I can't find my words It does help. I,m perfectly sane. And I have memory, and a healthy body.I use ameythest for pain,

This is a very new one. I'm going tomorrow to a Crystal Store To find it, and I need smokyThe store is Mother Earth Mining Crystals. Feel free to email me.
I've liked talking to you. I hope you email soon  (Submitted by: Lesley on July 26, 2012)
  Thanks for the feedback. I had the same question about azeztulite. I will try a piece and get back to you on my person experiences.  (Submitted by: vara on January 16, 2010)
  A friend of mine has been infusing (downloading) energy into crystals called "Aurora Source Resonance Technique"
He started with clear crystals, then to golden crystals.
For me as a sensitive, intuitive & a channel, the energy is very different between the two.

The infused clear crystals (for me) fill my body with 'light', very handy to help someone 'remember' who they are as a 'lightbody'.

The infused Golden crystals, open the realms to the Divinity that we are.
For those who are intuitive, or have not experienced channeling, this opens those realms of awareness.

This is much in line with what I have now read on the North Carolina site.
I knew nothing about this Azeztulite prior to being asked to 'read' the crystals.
I only learned of this, when I asked for more information as I noticed the crystals effects on different people.
I would agree, experience the crystals for yourself & ask your inner guidance.

Thank you for this website, it is an excellent resource.  (Submitted by: Heart_Portal on December 26, 2010)

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