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Protecting Your Property with Crystals and Sage
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Protecting Your Property with Crystals and Sage
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Protecting Your Property with Crystals and Sage

(Or, How to Keep Your Neighbors Guessing)

By Sonia Acone


A couple of months ago, a nor’easter blew up the east coast, the remnant of a hurricane that slammed Florida and the southern states a few days before. Living in northeast Pennsylvania, we were going to feel the brunt of it as well. The media was calling for heavy rains, high winds with the possibility for downed trees, power lines and flooding. Our house is situated halfway up the side of a mountain, with the main road 200 feet below us, and the properties on the other side of the road even further down. We are also surrounded by trees, hence the name the “Tree House.” It was rather obvious when we went onto our front deck after moving in and saw that we were looking at the tops of the trees (yikes!).

Now, I’d been doing a good smudging with sage (for protection and purification) on the inside of the house routinely since we moved in three years ago, but I’d not kept up with the smudging on the outside in quite some time. Knowing this storm was coming, I was concerned (putting it mildly) that we would lose a lot of the trees and I certainly didn’t want one landing on the house. So I decided that it was a good time to get out there and smudge the property. The feeling had been persisting for days, so my intuition was telling me to get out there - like, now.

It was Saturday, so while my husband was out running errands, I got out my “tools”: my bundle of White Sage, a few tumbled Black Tourmaline pieces, a lighter, and my red rain coat.  Nothing like being completely conspicuous while walking around smudging! What I didn’t realize at the time was that Saturday (ruled by the planet Saturn) is the perfect day to do purification and grounding. Black Tourmaline is also ruled by Saturn.  Other crystals that work with Saturday and can also be used for grounding/protection/purification are Black Onyx, Jet, Hematite, or Apache Tears, just in case you don’t have Black Tourmaline available. You don’t need to perform this ritual on a Saturday, of course.  

When I stepped outside, there was a bit of a breeze. I took a deep breath, lit my sage bundle and began walking. Starting with the house itself, I had my intention in my head while I spoke these words, “This house is safe, secure and protected.” I went around all the doors and windows with the sage. I then moved off to the garage and did the same. Halfway through my smudging, I realized that the wind had completely died down. There was a hush that fell over everything, as if the trees themselves were listening and watching what I was doing. I went around the entire property, following as much of the property line as I could, repeating my mantra, “This property is safe, secure and protected. These trees are solid and strong.”

The trees closest to the house were given a Black Tourmaline, placed at the base of the trunk. This was to keep them grounded and strong. We also have a transformer pole about 20 feet from the back of the house (not a good thing). This too, received a couple of Black Tourmalines - one for protection, and the other to ground the electromagnetic energy from reaching the house.

As I was finishing up, I decided to smudge my car as well. Better to be safe than sorry. As my husband came home while I was doing my car, I told him I’d do his too. When all was said and done, I doused my sage in water and went back into the house, where I took a long bath to clear away any lingering negative energy. The storm hit an hour later and it was a doozy - power outages in the next town over, downed trees, closed roads and some flooding. We lost only one branch on one tree, and it was on the outside of the property line. We never lost power.

I hope this helps you in protecting your property, whether it’s your car or your home. It will also work if you live in an apartment - just walk around the building itself! Your neighbors will wonder what you’re up to and you’ll be more secure in knowing that you did your best to protect yourself and your family. Always remember that Mother Nature will do what she will and there are no guarantees. However, it doesn’t take much time or a lot of supplies. And some peace of mind is always a good thing.  

Posted on December 11, 2017
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