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Properties of Crystals/Stones Vary in Color
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Properties of Crystals/Stones Vary in Color
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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:  For stones with different colors, I know the properties vary by color. What I'm trying to figure out is how to deal with this. For example, I have a bead that I bought as "red aventurine" but the actual color is more orange. Would I be better off looking for properties of red or orange aventurine? Or maybe it would be better to just list properties of generic aventurine? I also have purple aventurine that I haven't been able to find properties for yet, but haven't delved into it too far yet.


Dear J,
Crystal said you were looking for info on Red and Orange Aventurine. Aventurine is part of the Quartz family. The red color is caused by the inclusion of hemitite into the quartz. As the crystal is formed it is exposed to varing degrees if natual radiation or heat. its color intensity is determined by the level of heat. All Aventurines have the main properties of its class but also of its color. Here is the color properties list.

Color Properties
Red increases power-determination, physical energy and health. Energy levels are instantly heightened. If you immune system is slow-moving, red will give it a kick-start. Red increases fertility in both men and women. It helps menstrual problems, blood and circulation.

Orange increases self-esteem and confidence. Orange is a joy bringer. It promotes peace and harmony. Orange is good for the pulse rate and the gall bladder. It relieves bladder and kidney problems, food allergies and eating disorders. It aids rheumatism, arthritis and exhaustion.

Yellow aids logic, memory, concentration, will-power and communication. It is good for job changes and local house moves. Yellow is also good for short-term travel. Use yellow for overcoming money troubles. Yellow stimulates the nervous system, calms the digestive system, aids eczema and other skin problems. Yellow is said to sometimes increase the metabolic rate.

Green balances our energies, increases love, empathy and compassion. It is good for working with nature and the environment. It increases prosperity and good fortune. Green strengthens the heart, lungs and respiratory system. It helps fight infection and viruses. Green can also counter panic attacks and addiction.

Blue increases career opportunities, business, finances, and leadership qualities. Blue is good for long distance travel or house moves. Blue is also the color of healers, it is a natural antiseptic. It is also said to relieve headaches and migraines, earaches, fevers, high blood pressure, eye strain and sore throats. It can also be used to awaken intuition and to ease loneliness. When combined with colors in the red-orange spectrum, blue can awaken artistic expression and inspiration.

Violet affects the skeletal system of the body. It is very antiseptic and cleansing on both physical and spiritual levels. Violet is good to use for cancerous conditions of the body. On the spiritual level, violet relates to the unconscious wisdom, increasing psychic powers, meaningful dreams, accurate divination, meditation, past life work and psychic protection. As a healer, violet relieves allergies, skin problems, and migraines. It can also be used to rid asthma, sleep disorders, eye, ear and nose problems. Violet is a natural sedative.

Brown is associated with the earth, Brown absorbs pain and sorrow, it increases long term stamina. It relieves disorder of the feet, legs, hands and bowel. Brown can help us awaken common sense and discrimination. It is useful in animal healing.

Black represents beginnings after natural endings in life. Black also contains the entire color spectrum. It activates the magnetic energies of the body. Black banishes negativity, helps to heal old sorrows and allows you to move on from redundant or destructive relationships. It heals the skeletal system, especially the spine, removes blockages in the lower body, and overcomes trauma and shock. It should never be used by itself but always in combinations with other colors..

With this list if you are in doubt of the properties of a crystal you will have a guide to help you. Many books give you the stone properties but very few give you color properties list. This is as important as the crystal itself.I use it to help chose candles to go with crystal work. Have fun with it as it can be used for just about every area of your life from clothes to painting your rooms.


Posted on December 31, 2010
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