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October 2010 Newsletter - Crystals to Relieve Stress
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October 2010 Newsletter - Crystals to Relieve Stress
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October 2010 Newsletter

 Crystals to Relieve Stress

by Roslyn Bohanan


How many times have you exclaimed “this stress is killing me”?!  Slowly, and over time, stress can build up until you think you're going to explode, on your last nerve and needing help. So what do you do when you're on emotional overload and are experiencing physical symptoms from all the stress in your life?  First understand that stress is your mind’s way of telling you to slow down and take a breath.  Take time to prioritize, analyze and create a plan of action to find solutions to the situations that are causing you stress. 

Did you know that stress will manifest in your etheric bodies before the symptoms appear in your physical body?  By being proactive you can prevent stress from reaching the point of appearing as symptoms in your physical body.  So, what steps can you take to be proactive in regards to stress? 

1.   Prioritize your problems

2.   Identify your stressers.

3.   Create a plan of action for dealing with situations that trigger stress.

Everyone has problems. When those problems become so overwhelming that you cannot function anymore, it is time to find ways to eliminate them. First, if you are suffering with chronic stress, seek professional help; there is no shame in admitting you need help and combining traditional treatment with alternative treatments can be extremely beneficial. Determine your most urgent problems or the situation that absolutely cannot wait. Identify the things in this situation that you can solve by yourself and what aspect of the situation you will need help to correct.

Now that you have identified your stress triggers, create your plan of action for dealing with them.  Crystals can help you be proactive when it comes to handling stress.  Their energy is gentle and effective, affordable, and portable. They can be used over and over without the worries of side effects, such as those caused by pharmaceutical alternatives.  Recommendations for crystals to use are numerous so I will limit the list to just a few that give the most overall healing effect for stressful situations.  

My first suggestion would be Herkimer Diamond.  It is a member of the Quartz family but shows as small double terminated crystals similar to diamonds, hence its name. It is a detoxifier of both the emotional and etheric bodies, eliminating even the most intense stress.  It is a stone which can connect your physical and etheric bodies, clearing all at the same time. It brings with it a profound sense of peace, and a gentle and profound sense of balance. 

Yellow or Gold Topaz is a stone of true love and manifestation, and strengthens your belief in yourself, giving you courage to overcome adversity.  Yellow or Gold Topaz recharges you when you are feeling depleted and on your last leg.  It gently reminds you that there are more important things to life then materialistic pursuits, and fosters access to your spiritual side. It also allows you to find peace of mind, in knowing that you are who you were meant to be. This beautiful stone crystallizes into prismatic, vertically striated crystals often with well-defined terminations or points. 

Meditation is a proven stress reliever, used for thousands of years throughout many traditions.  One of the best stones for meditation is Kunzite, a form of Spodamene.  Kunzite crystallizes as long flat striated blades and as striated masses which are easily broken apart.  Its color can range anywhere from clear and colorless, to yellow, pink, grey, or purple. Meditating with Kunzite lifts your vibration, and it is a stone of ultimate peace; you just cannot be stressed when you meditate with this crystal!  It facilitates a deep meditative state, calming the thoughts, emotions, and physical body, which in turn relieves many of the physical symptoms of stress. 

Lovely Danburite forms in crystals similar to Topaz and ranges from colorless to varying shades of yellow and pink.  It is known as the Light Bringer and Shaman stone.  It promotes peace by helping alleviate insecurities and detoxifies the emotional body.  Often called the Buddha crystal, it is the ultimate stone of self-love.

There are many crystals that will help you de-stress, unwind and relax.  Even simple Clear Quartz will help you unclutter your mind and find some measure of peace and relaxation.  Allow yourself to be open to the healing energy these crystals offer so freely.

Roslyn Bohanan

Master Crystal Healer

Posted on October 15, 2010
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