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No More Buzzing/Am I Meditating Right?
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No More Buzzing/Am I Meditating Right?
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From: Carol
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2008 3:29 PM
Subject: Re: Third-Eye Buzzing (cont) forgot to mention something

I got the crystals yesterday and held the iolite for a few minutes last night, but was tired and it wasn't long.  Today, I sat down for a few minutes of quiet and meditation with the moldavite in my left hand and focused on
my breathing and a mini mantra of "I am healthy and I am open for changes that are meant to be" type of thing - while the black tourmaline was balanced on my right knee.  I really didn't feel anything and guess I was EXPECTING a huge something from
this tiny powerful rock :) but I intuitively picked up the blk tormaline after about 5 minutes and had it in my right hand for the balance of my time (about 10 min - maybe 20 total?).  

OK here's the weird thing to me (since I am really not a meditator) AFTER I got up, I felt SO LIGHT.  Not light headed, just light.  It was getting more pronounced too.  So I picked up the black tourmaline and have not put it down in an hour and
actually feel more 'normal' now, but still very light all over my body.  Is THAT what you meant by grounding?!

I am not sure if/what the moldivite did, but am going to try to do it again tomorrow for another few minutes.  I guess I was expecting a light bulb to turn on or aliens to contact me or something (ha ha!) but maybe progress is being made? No signs
of anything yet except lightness and I had a very quiet calm day which is fairly unusual...sluggish feeling almost, which I blamed all day on the weather...  

Thanks again for all your help.  Sorry if this is TOO much info, but I wanted you to know how it was going and for you to feel free to let me know if I am doing something wrong. I'd like to wear the iolite pendant tomorrow and see if that does real BUZZING since I got the crystals, but maybe I know I'm working on it! ;)




Hi Carol~

Well, it sounds like you had a positive experience with some good results.  A feeling of lightness is common for me when I enjoy a deep, lasting meditation.  I don't get an immediate, overt sensation from Moldavite, although I know people who do.  At any rate, the Moldavite has very high vibrations that can cause some people to feel kind of spacey, if you will.  The Black Tourmaline helps to pull those higher vibrations down into the lower chakras, thereby grounding the energy into your physical reality.  The sluggish feeling could be from the weather, or it could be an astrological phenomena.  Often when I am feeling sluggish, I look into the astrology reports for that day and find that it's a Lunar Void or something.  It could also be related to what is going on around you.  

One thing to consider regarding meditation is that results will often come so,me time after the meditation is over, and often, they don't conform to our expectations.  For example, you might meditate today and be confronted with a conflict the next day that you are able to easily solve by thinking about it in a new way.  That insight was a result of your earlier meditation.  

As far as I can tell, you are not doing anything wrong.  Meditation can be a different experience for different people.  Experimentation and relying on your intuition are key.  It would be a good idea to start keeping a journal if you don't already have one.  In this journal, you can record your methods and experiences, and you might even note the phases of the moon for each entry.  After a period of a few months, you should begin to see a progression, as long as you meditate consistently and keep good notes.  

I haven't been feeling the Third-Eye buzzing in the past few days either, however, I have been feeling alot of activity in my Crown Chakra.  There is a difference in the way I have been feeling these two chakras.  For me, my Third-Eye Chakra would "buzz" for no specific reason that I could discern.  My Crown Chakra, however, would tingle strongly when I would receive some information, in which there is some truth to be discovered.  The increase in my Third-Eye activity seemed to occur after a particularly intense Third-Eye meditation involving chanting.  I believe that I must have cleared an energy blockage with that meditation, thereby increasing the sensitivity of that chakra.  I think the recent, Third-Eye buzzing that you, I, and others have recently experienced is related to some change in energy, be it a change in the Earth's energies, or perhaps it's the new energies from our Sun as it comes closer to aligning with Galactic Center.  I have heard it said that as the 2012 date draws near, more and more people will be "waking up" spiritually.  

So I hope this information reassures you that you're not doing anything wrong.  You can actually meditate in a variety of ways, and as far as I know, you can't really do it wrong, per se.  As you practice it, you will notice better results.  Let me know if you have any more buzzing sensations in the future.  

Brightest Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on May 08, 2008
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