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New To Crystals With Lots Of Questions
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New To Crystals With Lots Of Questions
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From: Sharon
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 11:38 PM
Subject: Inquiry from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

I have about 100 crystals In my cart from your store and plan to buy many more(wish I found your site a year ago as for the 100 I already have,probably paid too much)I have alot of books and read some things but your articles and access to q and a are TERRIFIC If you program your crystals with dominant hand for what you want them to help you with.What then is the receptive hand for and how do you use it??Also can you take a few(how many at a time) that are used for same thing and program them together(example,all crystals for angels) After you program them exactly what do you do with them???? I think that some of these answers are probably in your many q and a,but if you could just give me alittle info on the answers and what to look up on your site.Also I HAVE TRIED VERY HARD numerous times to meditate even using med.  cd's and still can not what is difference between relaxing and meditating,how can you tell when you reached meditation exactly what happens when you do???? IF YOU CAN ANSWER THESE ASAP I can submitt the order for what is in my cart or add to it prior to order,PLEASE I WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP SINCERELY SHARON


Dear Sharon~

Thank you for visiting our site.  We are so glad that you are enjoying the resources we offer here.  You have allot of questions here, so let's get started...  

The dominant versus receptive hand is a general guideline.  With experience and intent, one could will both hands to be projective or receptive at the same time.  If I am just wanting to receive information from or through a crystal, I would usually hold it in my receptive hand, while focusing on receiving energies from higher planes. If I am trying to focus and amplify my intent with a crystal, I would hold it in my projective hand, while focusing on sending those energies out into the universe.

What you should do with your crystals would depend on what your purposes for acquiring them are.  For example, you could program a crystal for healing your headache, and then place it somewhere on your head.  If you were doing a manifestation grid with programmed crystals, they would be positioned in a pattern, on the grid.  

I usually don't program multiple crystals at one time.  I prefer to spend one on one time with my crystals, and feel the programming done this way is more thorough.  What you get out of any process will ultimately depend on the time and energy you are willing to put into it.  

There are a great many methods of meditation in the world.  A search on the internet will most likely yield tens of thousands of results.  Many spiritual disciplines include some form of meditation.  One type of meditation is called mindfulness, and involves bringing the conscious mind into the now, and away from being focused on the future or the past. Another type of meditation is called void meditation, which has as its goal, the absence of all thought.  Finally, there is focal point meditation, which is when a person focuses on a single thing, such as a crystal or candle flame.  The idea here is to clear the mind of chatter and focus on the Now, which will bring multiple physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits, including stabilized blood pressure, improved mental clarity, lowered stress, and increased intuition, among others. 

Since it sounds like you are new to crystals, I am recommending that you take a look at our newsletter articles for some ideas, here:

It might also benefit you to read through some of the articles in this section:

I hope this helps!

Peace and Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on April 14, 2008
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