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Negative energy in my home
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Negative energy in my home
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Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 3:01 PM
Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

I am so glad I stumbled onto your site several months ago. Thank you and bless you for all the positive energy you are helping to create! I was very aware of energy levels and meditation, but didn't realize how helpful crystal could be. I purchase a small quartz cluster, tumbled rose quartz and a lapis point necklace and have been trying them out. At work, I placed the quartz cluster between me and my computer and the racks of electronic equipment behind my wall. I have noticed the energy is much better. I am now trying to decipher the types and placement of crystals to help me undo the negative energy in my home. My townhouse has neighbors on both sides and I feel the energy coming through the walls. I live alone and I'm pulling out of a depression that started shortly after moving here 5 years ago. I have also been experiencing lots of "interference" when trying to meditate. I feel my energy and enthusiasm plummet shortly after returning home from work, and it stays down through weekends. I'm sure some of this is due to the boxes of unmade decisions piled up around my house. I badly need a major de-junk. I would be interested in purchasing a couple crystals now and more in months ahead, to help elevate and stablize the energy in my home. Can you make some suggestions of what might work best in this situation and which ones to start with? Thank you very much for any suggestions you might have.


It looks like you're wanting help with multiple issues so I'd like to address each one separately.

 -  For the "bad" house energy I'd suggest gridding your house with selenite and black tourmaline.  Place each at the four corners of the inside of your house to create a protective container.  I think you're on the right track with the desire to organize and clean out your house.  I'd recommend some prehnite to help facilitate good Feng Shui.  Letting go of possessions that are no longer needed helps the "stuck" "stale" energy open and flow.  A good question to ask during your meditation is "what am I holding on to?"  and "why is it difficult for me to make decisions?"  Another way to clear the energy in your house is using sage, paulo santo oil or burning paulo santo. 

 - For the low physical energy I'd recommend Boji stones because they're good for realigning the chakras and repairing holes in the auric body.  When you return to your home after work, try meditating and expanding your energy in all directions.  The more you expand your field you strengthen your energy against your neighbor's energy.

 - The interference during meditation could be helped by using moldevite with boji stones.  Moldevite works with the crown chakra to help open you up to the higest spiritual guidance and helps realign the chakras.  It is a very high vibration stone, so if you feel light headed, you can add the boji stone, hemitite or smokey quartz to soften the energy a bit.  Amethyst is also a good choice as it has a tranquilizing effect during meditation and blocks negative environment energies.

 - For electromagnetic smog I'd suggest black tourmaline, amber, jet,  and smokey quartz.  If you feel electromagnetic vibes from your pc, I'd suggest using lepidolite and fluorite.

Thanks for your questions and blessings on your house clearing.

Love and Harmony,


Posted on July 23, 2008
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