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My Crystal Keeps Disappearing Without Any Explanation
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My Crystal Keeps Disappearing Without Any Explanation
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Hi. =) Wondering if you could shed light on this. I have a fair amount of crystals, but I have a strange problem that my Quartz disappears. To the point where the pants that the Quartz was in even have disappeared. I'm organized, not messy, I just don't understand. The first time I lost my Quartz it was put to charge in it's usual spot, and then gone with no explanation. Is there something I can do about it? Thanks.




Hi J: 

Thanks for your question about your disappearing crystal. 

I have had that happen to me on more than one occasion where a crystal simply disappears from where I left it.  I don't really have a reasonable explanation but I do have a suggestion if you are open to it.  The next time that it disappears on you (or if it is gone right now) go to the place where you remember it being and ask out loud that whoever "borrowed" it bring it back. 

Sorry it sounds a little nuts...truthfully I think it sounds a little nuts but I have tried it and the crystal has come back.  I do believe that there are beings (fairies, angels, etc.) around us that we cannot see and sometimes they see something that is so pretty that they want to borrow it.  I have stated out loud in my home something like "I am so glad that you love my crystal, but I really love it too and I would really appreciate it if you would bring it back to me.  I am always happy to share and we can all enjoy the crystal"  

I would love to hear back from you whether it worked or not and your crystal came home to you.  Thank you for reaching out to us and for your support of Healing  I hope that I have been able to help and that you will not hesitate to contact me with any other questions.

Wishing you lots of Love and Light!

Crystal Blessings!


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Posted on June 10, 2014
  I had a similar thing happen a few years ago, a gold ring with rubys & diamonds disappeared for a few weeks , then re-appeared , like it went into another dimension , maybe they have quantum abilities . The ring was and still is stored in a safe .  (Submitted by: Guy on April 30, 2018)
  I believe that for whatever reason the crystal doesn't want to be with me at this time. Then after whatever amount of time it needs to be away from me, it brings itself back into my life when it is ready! It has happened to me with a lot of crystals!  (Submitted by: jecks on June 11, 2014)
  I have had the same thing happen to me, and found that it was indeed the fae that kept borrowing my crystals. So what I did was get a small dish of crystals.. and offered those to the fae.. from time to time I see some gone and some return and mine are left alone.. I also got a quartz pendulum and hung it from a banana holder.. so the fae have something to play with and believe it or not, they actually do spin it around or move it back and forth quite a bit..  (Submitted by: Kerry Jean on June 10, 2014)
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