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My Beautiful Cat Has A Large Tumor
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My Beautiful Cat Has A Large Tumor
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My beautiful cat of 7 yrs. has a hard solid tumor in the rib area. It's half on the outside/half on the inside, which has moved her heart to the right side of her body. Aprox. the size of a small personal watermelon. It was suggested to me to use Blue Lace Agate, Bloodstone, and Carnelian. I have Angelite on her now. Please guide me in the right direction. Would single strand bracelets be the easiest to use on her just placing them on her neck or do the crystals have to be on the tumor?



Dear D:

Thank you for contacting HealingCrystals with your crystal question. I am very sorry to hear of your cat’s illness. It is so heartbreaking to watch our animal companions suffer. Before giving my recommendation, I must first share that I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose illnesses nor prescribe medical treatments. Crystals are meant to be used as a complimentary therapy in addition to treatments prescribed by your sister’s friend’s Doctors. The recommendations I make are based on the experiences of others who have worked with crystals for healing throughout history as well as my own personal experiences using crystals for healing. I am an intuitive healer and channel my guidance from Angels and Ascended Masters.

I have three crystals that I think may help your cat, if all used regularly and if the regimen is started soon. First, charge her drinking water with Smokey Quartz each day. Make sure the crystal is cleared and energized (here is a link to articles on clearing crystals) each time your charge the water. I would also first program the Smokey Quartz to provide the highest, most perfect healing and detoxification of your cat’s body. Here is a link to articles on charging water with crystals as well as a link to articles on programming crystals.

Also, wearing Black Tourmaline to further cleanse and detoxify your kitty’s energy will also help. I think we have small pendants that might be good for her collar, rather than a bracelet, which could break and cause choking. Again, make sure the Tourmaline is cleansed every day or two to maintain effectiveness.

Finally—and I have more experience working directly with dogs than cats—so I don’t even know if a cat will let you do this, but….when she is relaxed or sleeping, use a Selenite Wand to clear each of her chakras and then to draw in healing energy. Cat’s have chakras similar to those on the human body, but if you need to,  I’m sure that searching for “Cat Chakra Chart” online will get you a diagram. If you haven’t cleared chakras with a Selenite Wand before, here are directions I wrote for using on a human, but the process is basically the same:

First, she needs to relax in a quiet place, sitting or laying down. The intention is to cleanse the chakras and open the way to then bring in healing energy. The person doing this should set their intention to give the highest, most perfect healing and cleansing possible.

To use the Selenite wand, she, (or someone else) should hold it a few inches over each chakra, and slowly circle first in a counterclockwise motion, going closer and farther from the chakra, out to arms’ length and then back. Then, reverse the circular motion to clockwise and do the same thing. This should start at the Crown chakra, and go down one by one, to the root chakra. This is a powerful cleansing of energy blockages. The throat chakra, I suspect, is the most blocked and may need the most work.

This should be repeated once each day, for at least a month, and then every few days as she feels it is needed. Even if she has never done this before, as she, or someone else does it daily, they should start to be able to feel/intuit where there are blockages, because if they are focused, they will begin to feel their hand pulled to stay circling somewhere or to move on depending on the need for healing/cleansing there.

I hope this recommendation is helpful to you, and that it brings relief to your furry companion. 

Please contact us again if we can be of any further assistance. Blessings to you and your cat!

Crystal Blessings!

Debbie Elaine


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Posted on July 05, 2013
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