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Moving On, and the Crystals For Your Journey Into 2013
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Moving On, and the Crystals For Your Journey Into 2013
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Have you noticed the nearly unprecedented amount of focus on the year 2012?  From websites to books to major motion pictures it is almost impossible not to get caught up in the hype, the forecasts and even the fears surrounding this pivotal year.  While there is no doubt that we are in the midst of amazing changes, we seem to have forgotten that 2013 is here. 2013 will be the time for us to use what we have learned and take action. The opportunities for spiritual, intellectual and material growth are immense. And it all begins with you.

So, what will you do in the New Year? Whatever it will be, let’s take a look at the stars, the planets and the crystals that will support you along the way.



After the hoopla, 2013 starts off on a quiet note. Influential Jupiter remains retrograde until January 30th so any grandiose plans for expansion will have to wait. Use the energy to look towards future actions.  Other planets that have a noteworthy affect are Mars and Saturn. First they are in a sextile transit that encourages a strong sense of purpose. You can see the reward that results from your labors. As the month progresses they move into a square making it more of a challenge to go after what you want. Everything seems too difficult and your efforts take you nowhere fast. Take a breath and don’t let frustrations rule the day. 

Amethyst will provide inner strength and connection with your higher self. All of us have had our senses heightened by the changes over the last year. It is crucial to believe in yourself and have faith in the new information that you have available.Trust your instincts - they will not lead you astray.

Insights and plans will do you no good if you cannot make them happen. Smokey Quartz will provide grounding and help you to turn your ideas into actions.   

Petrified Wood is a wonderful crystal for new journeys. It connects you to the past and helps you to draw knowledge from your roots. 

Kyanite offers peace and protection during transitions. It will help you to open new doors and walk through them with courage.



Jupiter is finally moving forward but Pisces rules February making it difficult to do anything practical or make any kind of physical progress. Don’t push yourself and instead allow your imagination to play with ideas, thoughts and dreams. This is what Pisces is all about and by working with the energy rather than against it you will actually make more progress. Watch out for a Mars/Neptune conjunction that produces drama and confusion. Fortunately Mercury joins in providing outstanding opportunities for creative pursuits and fine tuning our intuitive skills.  Quiet time will prove more fruitful than outer communications later in the month when Mercury turns retrograde for the first time in 2013. 

Jade amplifies the flow of abundance and is particularly effective at taking energy and transforming it into matter. Do you know all those ideas and dreams that you have? Jade can help turn them into something real.

Orange Calcite is going to keep you smiling and be a constant reminder that nothing will stop you from getting to where you want to be. It will encourage you to play, not take everything so seriously and enjoy your journey. 

Dreams are an excellent way to get in touch with your higher self and receive messages that can really help you to shape your desired reality. Keep Sugilite by you at night to access and remember your dreams.

You may find yourself feeling low or uncover negative emotions that need to be released. Azurite has magical healing properties that will encourage positive energy and ease the process of letting go.



This month begins at the end of the zodiac (Pisces) and ends at the beginning of a new cycle (Aries). What start out as one thing is going to end as another. Just like those dreams and ideas that are about to evolve. Opportunities for inner growth continue as Mercury is still retrograde until March 17th. The planet of expansion, Jupiter, has some challenging transits with Saturn and Chiron. These remind us that faith and optimism are wonderful things but it they aren’t backed up with actions then you are headed for disappointment. Mars steps in and challenges us to rise above the apathy and make some ground breaking progress. When the Sun moves into Aries we know who we are, what we want and how we are going to get it. We are ready to join the dynamic energy and make something happen.

Rhodonite embodies the spirit of rebirth and is essential when moving from one phase to another. It gives you the energy to proceed and the centering to feel confident as you progress. 

Brighter days are here. The Sun is shining, growth is abundant and the Universe is bursting with new opportunities. Sunstone lets you tap into this joyous energy.

No matter how well you have prepared or how confident that you are it can still be daunting to move forward. Bloodstone offers courage and reminds you that you have the strength to accomplish anything.

Imperial Topaz will clarity your intentions and provides insight into how to manifest them into reality. If you feel a little lost, Imperial Topaz will get you back on track.


This is the first of a series of articles about what to expect for 2013.  Watch for information on the second quarter in February.  Remember to check the daily Crystal Horoscope on and have a very happy 2013!


Tara Mideaker

Healing Crystals Expert

Posted on January 03, 2013
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