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Anxiety /Stress -
We have a couple of resources that can help you with the energies around this challenge. The links below can take you to our suggestions:

Beginner’s Reference Guide -

Cancer -
Crystals are complimentary healing tools that work best when used with allopathic medicine. They work with the energy of the person to help release energetic blockages that may contribute to an illness. I must let you know that on their own, they do not cure cancer. Here is a link to our Crystals for Common Conditions that offers crystal suggestions that work with the energy of cancer.

Contact Us Page
Here is the link to send us an email.

Charging water -
Here is a link with information on how to charge water:

Crystals for Kids
Here is a link to an article on Crystals that work well with the energy of children:

Crystals for Pets –
Here are some resources that can give suggestions on crystals that work well with the energy of pets:

Disclaimer -

·        We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well-being.
·        Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.
·        For medical advice, please consult your own healthcare specialist.             

Does the Shape/Grade/Size of the Crystal Matter -
Grade, size, and color do not have a bearing on the vibrations of a crystal.

Grids –
Here is a link to a page with information on how to create and use grids:

We have several resources that give suggestions on crystals that can aid in the releasing of energy blockages that may be contributing to headaches. Here are links to the resources:

How do Crystals Work-

Crystals, like any other form of energy or complimentary therapy, work by vibrations. They emit vibrations that work with your energy bodies (aura). You can find a great scientific explanation in the book called “Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies” by Dr. Richard Gerber M.D. (third edition).  As with any alternative/complimentary tool, they work best and should be used in conjunction with allopathic treatments or care.

Identifying Crystals -
Identifying crystals is very challenging because photos are very unreliable and do not take into account weight, textures, formation, cleavage, luster, and energetic vibrations. To make matters worse, everybody's monitor shows color differently. We have some excellent resources that can help you with identifying your stones:   Our Metaphysical Guide has pictures and physical, metaphysical, and geological information you can use: is an excellent resource used by our crystal experts, and books like Judy Hall's “Encyclopedia of Crystals” also offer photographs. Many colleges’ geological sciences department, museums, and mineralogical societies may also be able to help with identification.

Love/Relationship Help –
Here are some resources that offer suggestions on crystals for love and relationships:  Of course, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Ruby, and Kunzite all have vibrations that work with the energy of love.

Metaphysical Guides-

Negativity/Negative People –
 Here is a link to one of our pages with many suggestions on, not only how to clear negativity, but suggestions on crystals that may be able to aid with protection:

Newsletter Archive-
Here is the lhe link to the newsletter archives.

Pain/Arthritis/Back Pain-
 We have a page on our site with a listing of Crystals for Common Conditions that has many suggestions. Here is a link to the page:

People New to Crystals -
We have a page with many helpful hints created for anyone new to crystals.  Please go to this link:, for more information.

People Overwhelmed with Crystal Choices -
When first starting with crystals, it is very easy to become overwhelmed by the choices. Here is a link, with information that can help you decide which stones to choose.

Pregnancy and Fertility -
Here is a video with suggestions on crystals that work with the energy of conception and pregnancy.

Prosperity/Abundance -
Here is a list of resources with many suggestions on how to work with the energy of abundance and prosperity.

Psychic Development –
We have several videos on Crystals for the Third Eye that have vibrations that can aid in opening up this energy center. The videos can be found on this page:
.  We also have many articles. Here are the links:

Questions on the Care of Crystals –
We have a page with many helpful hints on how to care and store your crystals: .

Raw vs. Tumbled/Polished –
The difference between rough and tumbled stones is that rough or raw stones are in the same shape they were dug out, while tumbled stones have been smoothed and polished. Energetically, it depends on the stone as to which is stronger. The convenience of tumbled stones is that they can easily be transported, held, or placed on the body. Rough/raw stones work well in a room where they can stay in one spot. 

Selling –
Here is a link that you can use to send your information. Please send it to the attention of Donna.

Shipping –
Here is a link to our shipping information:

Sleeping/Nightmares -
Here is a link to videos with suggestions on crystals to help you with energy that may be able to assist you in getting  a good night’s sleep.

Social Media-
This is the link to our social media site.

Treated Crystals-

Posted on June 12, 2014
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