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Midday Facebook Post: Crystals to Guide You Along the Path ...
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Midday Facebook Post: Crystals to Guide You Along the Path to True Love *2/14/12*
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                                                                                                  by Tara Mideaker


Is there anything better than a good love story?  They are timeless, universal and always have a happy ending, right?  Well... maybe the endings aren't always so happy.  Take, for instance, the story of the symbol of love: Cupid.  Cupid is a Roman god and the son of Venus.  Venus grew jealous of the beauty of a mortal woman, Psyche, and ordered Cupid to punish her.  But Cupid fell in love with Psyche and instead married her.  Since she was a mortal Psyche was not permitted to look at Cupid.  She finally gave in to the goading of her sisters and looked upon Cupid one time. She was at once punished and abandoned by Cupid.  As she wandered lost and alone she came upon the temple of Venus who gave her a series of difficult tasks to complete in order to win back Cupid and all that she had lost.  She died while performing one of these dangerous tasks and her body was found by Cupid.  Cupid  and Venus both forgave her and the gods, moved by her dedication to love, made her the goddess of fidelity and admiration.


Are you feeling the romance?


Happy ending or not one thing is for certain; in every great love story, from Romeo and Juliet to Kermit and Miss Piggy, the path of true love is littered with tragic elements and dangerous pitfalls.  As we approach the day dedicated to love, let's take a look at some of these elements and the crystals that can help us to manage them and hopefully avoid them in our own personal love stories.




Usually the emotion that is that start of any trouble in paradise.  Peridot is an effective crystal to battle the green-eyed monster.  Tiger Eye will help you to see your own self worth instead of comparing yourself to others.




The lure of what we shouldn't have - it is powerful!  Apophyllite will replace the stress of temptation with a feeling of serenity.  Iolite will put you in touch with your spiritual self and help you to hear the guidance of your inner voice over the desires of your ego.  It is also excellent to ease any difficult situations within a relationship.




When desire gets completely out of control try Ametrine which is especially soothing for obsessive tendencies since it combines the balancing nature of Amethyst with the clarity of CitrineSodalite provides mental support by opening the third eye and promoting intuition and confidence.




 The well meaning friends and family who just won't mind their own business - where would we be without them?  Pink Kunzite will clear any pessimistic feedback and help you discern what is a real concern rather than the result of someone else's personal issues (i.e., see Jealousy).  Mookaite will help you to listen objectively and take any decisive action based on your own perspective.




It is a sad fact but in any relationship it just may come to this. If it does, Malachite is an exceptional healing crystal and is especially powerful when used to draw out and replace negative energy.  It is a stone of transformation and is very effective at balancing the emotional effects of relationships.  Rhodonite is very supportive of the Heart Chakra, emotionally calming it reminds you that everything that happens serves a higher purpose.  It let's you know that everything really will be alright.




 Like any good story we've saved the best for last.  After all is said and done there really is only one way to move on from the pain of a broken heart and that is forgiveness.  Forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself as well. Often we do more damage blaming ourselves than is actually caused by the ending of the relationship.  Rose Quartz is so commonly associated with love and all of its tribulations that you may write it off.  Don't - it offers powerful energy for all kinds of healing when it comes to the heart and it is particularly useful for matters of forgiveness and reconciliation.  And after all of the emotional energy has left you weary use Black Obsidian (Apache Tears) to draw grounding energy and strength.  It removes negativity and provides unique clarity that helps you to see the truth of a situation and deal with it from a place of peace.  And isn't a peaceful resolution what forgiveness is all about?

Posted on February 14, 2012
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