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May 2010 Newsletter - Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics
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May 2010 Newsletter - Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics
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Hi there!

We are having a nice spring here in Virginia and everything is blooming.   I would like to thank everyone for participating so much on our Facebook page; the activity on our page continues to grow.  We have a very active community there, where fans can meet others who are like-minded, and discuss crystals together.   

If you have any suggestions for us on how we can better serve you with products or information, please let us know.  We're here to help!

Crystal Blessings,

Shawn Adler 

Now, on to our newsletter... 

Stepping Stones to Crystal Basics

Beginning your journey with crystals can be confusing and a little overwhelming; it seems there are so many crystals, and so much to learn!  Many of us, when first starting to learn about crystals will be utterly engrossed: finding books about crystals, and reading up on the pieces you already have, while making lists of the stones you feel you should be adding to your collection.

For the beginning collector, there are also questions about how to care for your new collection, and how to use them.  Collected here are some of the most commonly asked questions about caring for your crystals.

Question: How should I carry my stones?

Answer: Any way you would like.

Jewelry -- A nurse friend did not want to call attention to herself as one of “those people" at work. She would wear pretty crystal earrings, a stone bracelet or a gemstone pendant. Wearing crystal jewelry allowed her to discreetly keep the crystal energy around her at all times without being judged by her closed-minded coworkers. To be most effective, stones should touch the skin and wearing jewelry is a perfect way in which to do this.

Clothing -- A friend once told me she always carried stones with her to work... in her bra! She laughingly told me that if she put them in her pocket, she had a tendency to lose them, else she would take them out and forget where she had put them. I have known men to stick a stone in their sock.

Alternatively, you can use a small pouch for your stones. Silk and/or velveteen are my favorites. The pouch can go in your pants pocket or jacket, and your crystals are less likely to fall out when they are in a pouch too.

We have a nice selection of pouches at

Bowl of Crystals -- A friend of mine used to work at a men's correctional facility. She began putting a bowl of tumbled stones on her desk. She soon noticed that she was much calmer and less stressed at work, but also that the inmates were drawn to her bowl of stones and would often choose a stone as they were talking to her. Shortly after, she began gifting the stone of choice to the inmate that chose it.

Another longtime friend had a bowl of stones on a table close to her door. Before she left each day, she would choose one stone and give an intention to the stone. The stone went into her pocket and off she would go to work as a social worker. For example, if she chose Rose Quartz as her "Stone of the Day", she would say something to the effect of, "Today, I carry with me the loving energy of Rose Quartz. My intention is to show love to everyone I meet this day." If someone was upset and yelled at her, she could put her hand in her pocket and hold the stone, reminding herself of the intent she had chosen, and loving energies of the rose quartz. If she heard gossip from coworkers, she would walk away and again touch the stone to remind herself of her intention.

Question: Is it alright to carry more than one stone at one time? Will they all "get along"?

Answer: Absolutely!

I know of friends who carry pockets full of stones, wear stone jewelry, have stones in the car and on their desk at work — all at the same time! How few or how many stones you carry is truly a personal preference.

And yes, all the crystals will "get along" just fine. Crystals are full of loving, divine energy; they work in concert with each other — always.

Care should be taken though to make sure that if you are carrying more than one stone in your pocket, that they are not a mix of softer stones like Selenite, Celestite or Calcite and harder stones. The softer stones may get chipped, dented or dinged by the harder stones.

Question: How long should I carry a stone for the maximum healing effect?

Answer: You can carry your stones for as long as you wish, or as long as you feel they are still working for you.

Many times, folks will change out their crystals, choosing to carry one or a few for one week and then making a different selection for the next week, etc. If you want to carry the same stone(s), I would recommend cleaning them at the end of the week to remove any energy they have stored up. Use your favorite cleansing technique, and reprogram them with your intentions so they are ready for the following week.

Question: Why do I need to clean (cleanse) my crystals?

Answer: Crystals absorb the energy around them. Cleaning is a way to remove the dense, negative energy that accumulates within.

Crystals absorb your energy and the energy around them. They comfort you when you are sad, angry, hurt, ill, etc. Sometimes, they just need a good cleaning to remove all of this dense energy (negativity, illness, sadness, etc) to make them new and fresh again.

Question: How often should I clean my crystals?

Answer: When you "feel" they are no longer working well. They may feel dense or less energetic.

My best answer is let your intuition be your guide. However, if you are just starting out and do not yet completely trust your intuition, here is a good guideline.  If you use a stone daily, it should be cleaned once a week. If used once or twice a week, clean monthly. If the stone has been placed in your home, sacred space or healing room to be used to collect negative or unwanted energies, once a month will be fine. If you feel it needs to be done sooner than that, then follow your intuition.

Here are a few articles currently on that can help you choose a variety of methods for cleaning your crystals:

Methods for Clearing Your Crystals

Crystal Cleaning/Clearing

Question: What exactly does programming a crystal mean?

Answer: For me, it is simply placing your intent into the crystal.

The ritual can be as detailed or as simple as you like. I have been known to simply hold the crystal and say, "I could really use your help with something."

If you prefer a more step by step process for Programming your Crystals, I highly suggest reading these articles:

Crystal Programming Thoughts and Suggestions

Methods for Programming Your Crystals

Question: What crystals should I start my collection with?

Answer: There are no wrong crystals!

As long as you are comfortable listening to your intuition, choosing crystals you are simply drawn to is absolutely fine… there are no wrong crystals.  When choosing a crystal, hold it in your hand and see how it "feels". Does your hand tingle or feel warm? Using your intuition and choosing those that you are drawn to is exactly right.

It is also okay to research by metaphysical property, color or availability. 

Question: What crystals are good for a beginner’s collection?

Answer: Although there are no wrong crystals, it is good to have a range of healing crystals.

Although there are no wrong crystals for a beginner’s collection, it is nice to build a collection on some good "all-round" stones.  Some basic recommendations include Clear Quartz (a good all-around healer), Amber (protection),  Hematite (grounding), Malachite (healing), Amethyst (consciousness), Black Tourmaline (protection), Rose Quartz (for healing and unconditional love), Lapis Lazuli (intuition), and Carnelian (creativity and harmony).

Here are some nice crystal collections that we have put together:

Chakra Set - Healer Special (21pcs.)

Chakra Set - Tumbled Stones (7pcs.)

Chakra Set - Crystal Cabochons (7pcs.)

Tumbled Stone Grab Bags:

Finally, please remember there is no one way to use crystals, no one right or wrong way. There is YOUR way. Always listen to that voice inside and follow its guidance. Everyone has their opinion on what should be done, how it should be done and when it should be done, and that is great! But when it comes to your crystals, remain true to yourself and follow your heart.  Enjoy!

Written by Kristi Huggins
Expert Contributor for Healing Crystals

The Crystal Communications Home Study Course teaches how you can personally connect/access your own unique energy and that of your crystals through a variety of information and instruction. Energy exercises included. When you purchase the course, you also purchase my services -- if you have questions during the course or want to share an experience, simply email me.

Question for Kristi?
- If you have a question for Kristi, Contact Us and she'll do her best to respond.  
- Here, you can see some of Kristi's Crystal Recommendations

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Posted on May 15, 2010
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