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Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Endocrine issues & Depression
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Lung cancer, Prostate cancer, Endocrine issues & Depression
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From: Lainie
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 5:10 PM
Subject: - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Hello -

I'd like to purchase some crystals for friends with specific medical conditions.  Please tell me what you would recommend for prostate cancer, lung cancer, endocrine problems and depression/anxiety.

Thank you so much.


Dear Lainie~

Greetings!  That's quite a list you have there.  Let's see what we can come up with for these issues...

Stones for cancer include Smokey Quartz, and Selenite.

While Selenite is known to be a highly spiritual stone, it is also known for reversing some of the damage done by free-radicals in the body.  Selenite has one of the purest vibrations of the mineral kingdom, and can assist one in asimilating these energies.  Doing a body-layout with Selenite placed on an affected area of the body, will help to infuse the area with fine, light energy, which can be an aid to the healing process.  Selenite can be seen here:

A perfect compliment to Selenite in one's medicine bag, with respect to cancer, would be Smokey Quartz.  Smokey Quartz has a strong and deliberate actions of eliminating negative energies, and grounding higher vibrations into the 3-D physical reality.  For those undergoing radiation for cancer, Smokey Quartz can help to counteract some of the effects of this therapy due to its own exposure to the Earth's natural radiation.  Smokey Quartz is said to improve healing and relieve some pain, and is great in body-layouts for this purpose.  There are some nice Smokey Quartz pieces here:

Versatile Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and can provide assistance to those in need of any type of healing.  Clear Quartz is known for pain relief when placed on a painful area.  Clear Quartz Crystal strengthens and increases the aura, and provides regenerative energies to areas of the body in need of healing.  A large selection of Clear Quartz can be found here:

Specific stones for the lungs include Amber and Rose Quartz.  Amber brings the memory of perfection back to the cells of the lungs, allowing for a greater chance of healing.  Amber can be seen here:  Rose Quartz can send its healing energies directly to all the organs of the Heart Chakra, including the lungs.  We have some Rose Quartz here:

Specific stones for the prostate include Chrysoprase and Obsidian.  Chrysoprase is a strong detoxifier and it pulls in healing universal energies into the Sacral and Heart Chakras for assimilation in the organs of the lower body.  Chrysoprase can be seen here:  Obsidian works with the lower chakras to cleanse the area of any negative energies, bringing healing energy to the area.  We have some Obsidian here:

There are a fair number of stones helpful to endocrine function, some of which are Citrine, Golden Topaz, and Yellow Jasper.

Citrine carries the regenerative energies of the Sun, bringing warm, healing vibes into one's personal energy field.  Citrine is helpful for those suffering depleted endocrine function, and who are susceptible to environmental influences.  Commonly used for its reputation as a prosperity charm, Citrine has powerful healing vibrations for the Sacral and Solar-Plexus Chakras, and the relative organs including the pancreas, the thyroid, the thymus, the spleen, the kidneys, and the bladder.  Our Citrine can be viewed here:

Also known as Imperial Topaz, Golden Topaz is spiritually and physically revitalizing stone, and as such, acts as a catalyst for great healing on multiple levels.  Crystal-healers are familiar with Golden Topaz's regenerative effects on the endocrine glands, the liver, and the gallbladder, which make this a great crystal for body layouts.  Golden Topaz also enables one to release any negative patterns that may contribute to the manifestation of disease.  We have a nice selection of Topaz here:
. Look in the center column for Imperial Topaz.

Yellow Jasper is a proficient detoxifying stone that energizes the entire endocrine system.  By focusing its energies on the Solar-Plexus Chakra, Yellow Jasper can promote the healthy flow of positive vibrations throughout the associated organs, including the liver, stomach, and endocrine glands.  Yellow Jasper can be seen here:

There is also a wealth of different crystals available to help with depression and anxiety, namely Lithium Quartz, Selenite, and Rose Quartz, among others.

Lithium Quartz is so named for its content of the mineral Lithium, used in antidepressant medications.  Lithium Quartz carries calming and soothing energies that encourage one to approach problems from a calm and centered perspective.  Lithium Quartz can pull higher density vibrations in from the Third-Eye and direct them into the Heart Chakra for healthy assimilation.  You can take a look at Lithium Quartz here:

Selenite is a highly spiritual crystal that can infuse the user with high vibrational energies, bringing insight and access to the higher self.  A great aid for meditation and spiritual development, Selenite can infuse the human energy field with angelic vibrations, preventing negative energies from infiltrating one's aura.  Take a look at Selenite here:

Known as the stone of love, Rose Quartz imparts a vibration of empathy and compassion directly into the Heart and Higher Heart Chakras, which brings inner peace and a ghreater capacity for universal love.  Rose Quartz can be quite helpful to those who find themselves depressed or sad.  As soon as one holds gentle but powerful Rose Quartz in the hand, the calming and soothing vibes can be felt radiating into the body and its aura.  Rose Quartz makes a great aid for chronic or traumatic depressions or anxieties, and are most helpful when held or carried.  Our Rose Quartz selection can be seen here:

You have alot to work with here.  Please keep in mind that your crystals should be cleansed and programmed on a regular basis when you are working with them.

For information on these subjects, you can take a look at our articles for cleansing,
and programming,

I hope these suggestions help.

Blessings and Peace,


Posted on November 20, 2007
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