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Life Changing Crystal Contest *closed*
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Life Changing Crystal Contest *closed*
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What crystal has made the biggest change in your life? It could be one crystal or one type of crystal. Please explain why it has had such an impact on you.


All who enter will receive a $5.00 gift certificate.


Nicole Williams:

I keep it on my nightstand, the color calms me and the shape intrigues me, I love my rose quartz.
Rose Quartz
as a tetrahedron was my beginner stone, the first stone to really called to me, it started my collection.


Linnea Hoffmann:

The crystal that has impacted me the most is my honey calcite. It is the crystal that helped me realize my true passion is crystals and I am going to school to become a geologist as well to become a crystal healer. :)


Ann Rita:

Hi Lourdes, the crystal that changed my life the most would be my amethyst. It has brought a higher sense of awareness to the divine energies and loving energies in the universe. It's brought me peace of mind and clarity!


Austin Keefe:

The crystal that has changed my life the most would probably be the clear quartz. It's so easily programmable and could literally be used for almost any situation. I use them in grids, healing my headaches, for meditation, clearing my aura, etc. They are one of my top favorite types of crystal!


Natacha Moura:

Selenite had an amazing impact in my life! I use it for almost everything in my spiritual practice. For me it brings calm, high vibration energies and contact with the divine. It's really helpful to clean negative entities and energies! I love it =)

Misti Hammers:

Amethyst- it was one of the first crystals that I ever worked with. Amethyst helped open me up to the crystal world. It has been a wonderful healing companion for me since then :)


Gjorgji Spaseski:



Patty Pedrazzani:

rose quartz
I was 7 and me and my family were on vacation in jugolsavia (ex, now).
we went onto an island FULL of rose quartz rocks!!!
other children were playng hide and seek, stuff like that and me........
oh my! I was taking dozen of pieces of quartz!!!
my mom was desperate, 'cause we had to came back to our island and the weight of the quartz was.....incredible, so
she left almost all my stones piece by piece on the way back..............
I remember that I cryed for a couple of days.
when I came back to italy I started my own crystals and stones collection!
I was very happy and I never forget that time!


Catherine Brown:

The life changing crystal for me would be the clear quartz crystal. I had been suffering from anxiety issues for years and finally came across someone that told me about crystals and which one should do the trick. I felt healing immediately and still today I will keep a piece of quartz with me just in case.


Jennifer Bagley:

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in june 2011. I found a reiki master who has treated me since my diagnosis. She gave me attunement 1 and from that point on I have felt a pulling to rose quartz and amethyst. These two gems I wear to every chemotherapy treatment around my neck and as bracelets. I believe that wearing these along with having reiki treatments help decrease side effects of my chemotherapy. It really helps, my side effects have been very managable.

Eric Koncz:

lapis lazuli
While wearing this crystal, I feel more aware of what is occurring both around me and within me. I have been on antidepressant medication for a few years now and with this stone, I am finally able to wean myself off and feel good doing it.


Kristi Copchinski:

The crystal that has had the most impact on me is Kunzite. I turn to it when I feel stressed, worried and need to relax. I carry it in my pocket. Just touching it seems to relax me.


David Bollella:

Rose Quartz. This crystal has helped me. It works slowly but surely and helps in many areas really.


Alison Branum:

By far moldavite has made the biggest change in my life. I had heard it was a transforamational stone, but I was blown away by how much changed and so fast! The effects reach beyond me and onto my husband. Based on the timing of events I know for certain it was the moldavite. Pretty amazing stuff!


Helen Loop:

I am new to crystals but so far my favorite has to be rose quartz. Once I ledarn more I know I will have many, many favorites.


Nicole Boatright:

Life changing crystal contest...there are two crystals that made the most impact on me and that is the ancient crystal skull Synergy because of its energy and the many people I got to meet because of it. The other is my life sized madagascar petrified wood crystal skull. I loved it the mi.ute I saw it. I knew then and I know now that I am meant to have it. Whenever I take it somewhere wth me, it gets tons of attention. The medium/psychic. Lisa Williams has held him, I of it.


Mark Kemp:

It was a Moqui Marble.

A number of years back, when I was selling art at a weekly farmers market, there was a customer with whom I frequently chatted, said by a friend to be "very spiritual", though she didn't speak of such matters to me. She brought me items a few times: once a feather, another time a long, strange pod. One day she brought me a stone, given to her by her son, saying she thought I'd like it. It was about two and a half inches in diameter, and quite heavy. I had an unexplainable attraction to it. I didn't know what it was at the moment, but when I got home I looked it up. I didn't want to put it down, so I made a leather pouch for it, and wore it on my belt for at least a week.

This was the first stone or crystal that I really FELT something from, which is why I chose it as the one that impacted me most. It certainly increased my interest in crystals.



Diane Mpour:

About 35 years ago I purchased a Clear Crystal Quartz standing point. When I first saw it I noticed that it was so full of color and that was what attracted me to it. It was because of this crystal that I started to read about other quartz and stones and found out about their healing powers and benefits.

Today I still hold this crystal with great respect and marvel at its continued beauty.


Debbie Flick:

Several years ago a young friend and colleague died suddenly, leaving behind some very shocked and hurt people, including me. I tried all of my usual faith and prayer and recovery techniques, but I was mad at God and all I could pray was that God would send something that would heal me and help me move on. 9 months later a friend talked me into taking a reiki class. The whole time of the class, I felt none of the energy other people were experiencing. Finally we were practicing on each other and the teacher brought out chakra crystals and put a citrine just under my ribs.(NOW I know that's the solar plexus) This citrine heated up and felt like it was sinking into the very center of my body. It was my first crystal experience, and it released the "punch in the gut" feeling I'd had since I first learned of my friend's death. I was then "hooked" on reiki and crystals and have continued learning and growing in healing with both modalities since then. Thank you, citrine!!!


Doreen Morales:

the two crystals that i used together that changed by life was charolite and moldavite . both helped me to help and transform my pain and lessoned learned into my strengths so that my heart could heal . it helped me to see that i wasnt a victim but that the things i went through were a rites of passge that helped me to grown and remove the walls i had put up to protect myself . they both also helped to protect me from making the same mistakes again by showing me how the past has an affect on my present and i was able to see the bigger picture and catch myself before i walked down the same path again blindly . so tehy transformed me into a stronger person and help heal all that was deeply rooted within me that i fotgot about but was acting out subconsiously in my waken life.


Adanma Milton

The crystal that made the me really get into crystals was Clear Quartz. I got it because I thought it was pretty and I thought it would be a neat pendulum/necklace. When I wore it, I could feel so much energy around my head and I started coughing up a lot. It was gross, but I feel like it just brought up a lot of things. This reaction made me know that the crystal energy is real and I got more interested and more into crystals.


Cassie Desir
the crystal that has changed my life the most has to be the herkimer diamond i got from a gift shop at the mines for an incredible price that eventually became the stone i taught myself to wire wrap crystal pendants with. of all the stones i've wrapped in the 2 years since it is the only one that i continuously keep re-wrapping, though now it is currently loose and free :) it is one of those crystals that always gets comments whenever i wear it, especially by crystal enthusiasts, and makes me so happy just when i think of it. it truly is an attunement stone, as i feel so much more connected to the environment around me when i have it on or near.


Barbara Vasquez
the stone that has changed my life is rose quartz. It has helped me with loving others in my life & accepting them for who they are. My jealousy has diminished and the biggest change is a calmness in me . It is also helping with me in helping me with m self esteem. I have very low esteem and this stone is helping me realize that i am a good person too.


Karen Tatro:

There are many crystals that have changed my life and it's hard to pinpoint an absolute favorite, but I have to say I'm really drawn to the labradorite, it helps me tune into information that I normally would not get. :)


Josh Lebron

What crystal has made the biggest change in your life? It could be one crystal or one type of crystal. Please explain why it has had such an impact on you.

For me it has been multiple crystals, in particular:
*Quartz crystal* (all types like clear, phantom, rutilated, tourmaline included, and Amethyst) I always have felt fascinated and drawn to them. They all seem so interesting to me and very impacting, especially clear quartz crystals.
*Jade* (Jadeite and Nephrite) Seems very calming/soothing to me. Overall a really great stone to have around in my opinion. I also like the historical aspects of it. It has been revered and used for centuries by many parts of the world.
*Rainbow Moonstone*. One of my favorite stones. I never get tired of seeing the colors change, resembles moonlight in solid form when the light touches it. I always feel like it seems to be a small part of the moon itself. Very mystical stone in my opinion!


**Congratulations to everyone that entered!!!!  All the of the answers are just amazing!!!!!  Everyone who entered received a $5.00 gift voucher to use at**

**Great Contest**

Posted on August 31, 2011
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