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Let’s Drink to Your Health! (Making Simple Crystal Elixirs...
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Let’s Drink to Your Health! (Making Simple Crystal Elixirs)
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Let’s Drink to Your Health!  Making Simple Crystal Elixirs

By Sonia Acone

Since all crystals contain energy in the vibrations they give off, wouldn’t it be great if you could store that energy and just drink it in? Well, you can by making your own crystal elixir and drinking in all that wonderful, healing energy. Perhaps you’ve heard of crystal remedies, gem remedies and the like. They are all the same. And making your own is quite simple. You don’t need a host of expensive supplies. All that is really required is your intent, a glass bowl, some water and your desired crystal. Some add a bit of brandy or vodka, but we’ll get into that later.

Choosing Crystals

With so many choices out there, how is one to choose the right crystal? Do you need some energy in your life? Are you running yourself ragged and need to unwind? Do you suffer from insomnia? Is your concentration failing? Do you need bit more of a creative spark? Is there too much negativity in your life? There are crystals that can be used to alleviate these symptoms and more. A word of caution: crystal elixirs are not meant to replace any medications that you may need to take for medical reasons. There are also crystals that should not be used in elixirs, specifically those that contain harmful substances, such as lead, mercury, arsenic or aluminum. Check this list if you’re unsure about the crystal you want to use -

Some common crystals used in crystal elixirs are as follows:

Clear Quartz Crystal – An all-purpose healing crystal.

Rose Quartz – Alleviates emotional problems, increases love and compassion.

Green Aventurine – Relaxes and soothes the heart.

Malachite – Puts physical, spiritual and emotional body in harmony. Grounding. Caution: Because Malachite contains copper, it is best to place this crystal on the outside of the container.

Fluorite – Alleviates bone/joint/tooth pain; aides concentration; anti-viral.

Amethyst – Relieves mental stress, insomnia.

Amazonite – Balances metabolism.

Amber – Alleviates throat problems; antibiotic.

Bloodstone – Aides in releasing emotional stagnation; heals blood disorders.

Citrine – Mental clarity; energizes the body.

Blue Lace Agate – Soothes and relaxes the body; aides in peaceful sleep.

Making the Elixir

SImple Elixir – Place a cleansed crystal in a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with spring, distilled or filtered water. Place the bowl in direct sunlight for at least 2 hours. Note: if using Amethyst, charge by moonlight overnight instead. Pour the half the water into a dark-colored bottle (preferably with a dropper) and add brandy or vodka to fill the bottle. The alcohol acts as a preservative. The elixir can be added to bathwater, placed on chakra points, or placed in a sprayer bottle to spray a room.

So there you have it. Simple elixirs to balance mind, body and spirit. Here’s to your health! 




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Posted on May 04, 2012
  Great article! This is opening up a whole new way for me to help myself.
Thank you  (Submitted by: Rhonda S on February 02, 2016)
  Absolutely true... I already use elixirs that way...  (Submitted by: Jo on May 17, 2014)
  great article. thanks!  (Submitted by: Olivia on March 06, 2014)
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