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June 2008 Newsletter - Minor Chakra Crystals
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June 2008 Newsletter - Minor Chakra Crystals
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"Crystals for the Minor Chakras"
By Crystal CAT

Now that you are familiar with the seven popularly accepted, major chakras of the body, in this last article of the series, we will be discussing a few of the lesser-known chakras.   Many people believe there are over 200 minor chakras, with at least one residing at each joint in the body, and at certain sensitive areas on the body like the fingertips, nipples, and genitals.  Some say there are many more, including acupuncture points that are located at each minor chakra.  The chakras that we will be discussing here will be the Palm chakras, the Earth-Star chakra (located below the Root chakra) and the Soul-Star chakra (located above the Crown chakra).  There are many more chakras both above the Crown and below the Root, but these two chakras are the primary chakras that people work with when expanding their work beyond the 7 primary chakras.  There is much debate on whether the two transpersonal chakras even exist, however, we are covering them here for your own information and experimentation, and because we find these chakras useful in our own spiritual work.

THE EARTH STAR CHAKRA is the first Transpersonal Chakra we will explore.  Its location varies depending on the school of thought you espouse.  Some believe it to be six inches below the feet, while others feel it is three feet below, and there are arguments for many locations in between.  The Earth-Star Chakra is supports our connection to life itself, and is the energy center from which we can draw our most enduring power.  A well-functioning Earth-Star Chakra will show in someone as a healthy zest for life, an ability to be fully present in the Now, and an ability to find the Zen in mundane daily tasks.  When not functioning properly, the Earth-Star Chakra will display as a lack of motivation, despondency, and a general feeling of being out of sync with life.  Possible physical ailments from an unhealthy Earth-Star Chakra include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, immune deficiencies, and rarely, wasting disorder.  The color for the Earth-Star Chakra is black or earth tones, its planet is the core of the Earth, and its note is C-sharp.  

Some crystals for the Earth-Star chakra include the following:

Unakite can activate and balance both the Earth-Star and Third Eye, helping to ground into the Earth-Star, any visions received via the Third-Eye.  Unakite can also open up the Earth-Star Chakra to facilitate learning of past issues contributing to the cause of any current illness.

Onyx has powerful activating vibrations that can help coax inner power up into the rest of the self when needed for any difficult circumstances one may encounter. Onyx is also exceptionally grounding and can repel negative energies.

Howlite works with all of the chakras, especially the Crown and Earth-Star Chakras, opening and activating these chakras, to help one feel more at home in this third density reality on Earth.  Howlite absorbs negativity and helps facilitate meditation.

THE SOUL STAR CHAKRA is believed to be six inches above the top of the head.  The Soul-Star Chakra is home to our highest purpose that transcends individual incarnations. Some believe this energy center carries the cord connecting us to our Source.  The Soul-Star Chakra provides the spiritual energies needed to remind us of our soul’s purpose, and can get us back on track when we wander too far from our soul’s ultimate, higher destiny.  The Soul-Star Chakra that is too open displays as a preoccupation with spiritual pursuits, ignoring necessary mundane responsibilities.  A properly spinning Soul-Star Chakra can manifest in someone as an ability to see a clear connection to God, a tendency to receive a great deal of spiritual guidance, and an understanding of one’s ultimate higher purpose.  This chakra can become unbalanced as a result of very excessive drug abuse or trauma during infancy, causing mental instability and possible breathing issues with the nose and lungs.  The corresponding color for the Soul-Star Chakra is White or Clear, the musical note is B-sharp, and the planet is represented by the newly born universe.

Crystals to use in Soul-Star Chakra work include the following:

Selenite works with all of the chakras, but focuses on the Crown and Transpersonal chakras, especially the Soul-Star, clearing them of energy blockages, and opening them up to higher guidance by bringing in communication from other realms.

Phenacite quickly and noticeably clears and activates the Third-Eye, Crown, and Soul-Star Chakras, pulling in vast amounts of Light energy into the body to start or enhance the process of spiritual initiation.  This process also has the effect of enabling one to learn how to manifest these high vibes into physical reality.

Danburite activates the Transpersonal chakras, and has a high vibration to create a connection with one’s angels and guides.  Danburite works synergistically with Phenacite.  Danburite is also helpful in quieting the mind for meditation.

THE PALM CHAKRAS are located appropriately in the palms of the hands.  These are considered to be minor chakras by many, however, as someone who practices Reiki, I can tell you that the Palm Chakras are quite important.  It is through the Palm Chakras that we are able to process informational energy from anything we touch.  The Palm Chakras are also how we transmit healing energy to another.  Chakras in the tips of the fingers also serve this function, but are smaller and process less energy.  The Foot Chakras act very similarly to the Palm Chakras, with a little less intensity.  Due to their location, the Foot Chakras can help one to sense vibrational information coming from the Earth.  While there are many who believe that the right Palm Chakra sends out energy while the left one receives, it has been my own experience that both are capable of sending out and receiving various vibratory frequencies, and are usually quite sensitive on most people.  When these chakras are out of balance or blocked, one might start to feel socially inept, lack normal emotions, or become reclusive.  

The sensitive Palm Chakras can gather vibrational information from just about any crystal or metal.  When one picks up a Crystal, the energy from the crystal is pulled in by the Palm Chakra, and sent via Nadis, toward the center of the body, to be distributed throughout.  While most are extremely subtle, almost all crystals carry some sort of vibration within them that can be felt, however there are certain crystals that lend themselves to the Palm Chakras.  These include the following:

Clear Quartz stores and amplifies energy and can be felt by anyone who is remotely sensitive to energy.  This property of Clear Quartz makes it great for receiving and storing healing energies for later crystal therapy, but it also underlines the importance of clearing your crystals after use.  Simply holding a Clear Quartz Crystal can strengthen the aura.

Moldavite has a strong energy action that, when held in the palm, will quickly travel up through the arm, straight through the Crown Chakra and into the Soul-Star Chakra.  This energy helps to clear and open the Palm, Third-Eye, Crown, and Soul-Star Chakras very quickly, allowing a higher vibration of energy to integrate into the body.

Smokey Quartz has a powerful vibration, and is immediately grounding through the Palm Chakras.  Smokey Quartz can help to open and balance the Palm Chakras by pulling in high frequency energy through the Palm Chakras, down through the Root Chakra, and anchoring into the Earth-Star Chakra, which in turn lays a path for future vibrational information to be grounded.

Rutilated Quartz carries a strong vibration that can usually be felt by the Palm Chakras, and is a very programmable crystal.  The Rutile within the Quartz acts as a spiritual antenna to receive energies of the Divine, helping one to attune to their higher purpose.

These are just a few of the “extra” chakras that can be explored.  While there is much disagreement about the chakras, through experimentation with different crystals and chakras, one can gain a knowledge of the chakras not to be found in books or articles. Different crystals and combinations of crystals can be tried to see their effects on the various chakras.  My own personal experimentation recently had me laying on my back with a different crystal at each chakra, receiving an overall sense of balance and wholeness. However, I began my chakra work with one chakra and one stone, as is usually recommended. It is also advised that one start with the lowest chakras, to provide a strong foundation for the upper chakras.

 A suggestion to those who are just beginning their chakra work: It might be helpful for you to keep a notebook nearby on which to record your experiences for future reference.  With practice and intent, one can attune all the chakras, becoming ever more sensitive to their purpose and effects.

Peace and Blessings,

Crystal CAT
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals is owned and operated by
Foundation for Balance and Harmony,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
"Dedicated to Healing the Planet, One Person at a Time"
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The suggested uses and metaphysical descriptions of the inventory items are our personal opinions and should be used at your discretion.  These suggestions are not intended to be used as medical advice.  If you resonate and like our suggestions and descriptions, please use them freely.  However, if you don't resonate or agree with any of them, please consider them for entertainment purposes only.  We have done our best to represent the crystals and minerals accurately and chosen only high quality items that we would use ourselves.  Please use your own intuition about what "feels" right for you.

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Posted on June 15, 2008
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