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January 2009 - 2nd Article The Tower
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The Tower is both beautiful and functional. Polishing natural crystals allows the beauty within to be seen more clearly. Rainbows caused by internal fractures are more vibrant, inclusions such as Tourmaline or Chlorite are more pronounced and clarity is more intense. Mists and veils, many times projecting unique shapes and pictures to the user, add mystery and intrigue.

Physical Qualities of the Tower
The Tower is simply a natural six-sided crystal point that is gently polished while maintaining its natural shape on both the sides and faces. The base is smoothed so the Tower is able to stand properly without tipping over.

Metaphysical Aspects of the Tower
The polished Tower is used to focus and direct energy, as well as expand energy throughout a large space.  The polish also allows energy to be reflected, a mirror to the inner self.

Suggested Metaphysical Uses for the Tower

Towers and Healing
The small Tower (Mini) would be the perfect piece to use for healing since they are small enough to hold in the hand, allowing for a direct flow of energy.  Additionally, the crystal make up of the polished Tower offers the ability to work with a variety of healing issues.

Lithium in Quartz will assist in the balancing of the body/mind. It can be used to enhance the immune system and increase the life force. Lithium can be used to ease insomnia, depression, and addiction.  Placing a mini tower of Lithium in Quartz by the bedside or under the pillow will fill your space with calming energy allowing the mind to rest from its constant chatter.

Tourmalinated Quartz helps to adjust imbalances in the body. Place a Tourmalinated Quartz Tower under your healing table to energetically assist in this area.

Clear Quartz crystal is an amplifier of energy. Try placing a Quartz tower at the head, foot and both sides of a healing table or in each corner of your healing room for increased energy output.

Experiment with an Aqua Aura Tower to cleanse the auric field, activate the chakras or release stress. Aqua Aura, much like Clear Quartz will amplify the energy of the other stones around it, making it a perfect piece to use in Crystal Healing.

Towers and Meditation
Towers can be a perfect tool to use in your meditation practice. Focusing on the Tower allows the mind to be calmed and quieted, allowing stillness and peace.

A large Amethyst Tower in your meditation space will increase and heighten
Spiritual awareness in that space, as it deepens the meditative state.

Try placing several Rose Quartz mini towers in a circle around you as you meditate to raise your energy vibration, connecting self with Source.

Towers and Grids
Use a Tower as the centerpiece or additions to any grid. The Tower can pull in the energies from the other pieces in the grid, increase them, and send a concentrated energy flow up and out from its point.

Rainbow Fluorite would be an excellent choice to use in this capacity.  The combination of colors will offer a unique energy perspective, whether it be a grid for healing, increasing the vibration for communication with higher self, or to clear negativity from a space.

Use a combination of Citrine Towers, Clear Quartz Towers and other abundance stones to create a grid of Prosperity, for self and humanity.

Citrine will assist in enhancing success, stability, confidence and strength. It is a stone of success, generating creativity and motivation.

Towers in a space
You can utilize Towers in any type of space, be it as an interior design showpiece or to cleanse a space of unwanted, dense energies and/or to transmute these energies into positive, loving vibes.

Try placing a clear Quartz Tower on a light stand to infuse your space with the energy of Quartz and color energy.

Smoky Quartz Towers are perfect for detoxifying a room, neutralizing any negative energy. Place a Smoky Quartz Tower in each corner of the room to keep the area filled with positive vibrations.

Rutilated Quartz will also rid a space of negative energy and repel these energies from the area, keeping it free of any further absorption. This would be an excellent piece to place in an office or work area to assist in decision making, finding confidence and self-assuredness, and remaining true to self in all situations.

Towers are such a versatile tool. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to hold, each polished Tower is unique, its applications unlimited.  Experiment with different combinations, shapes and sizes. The smooth and gentle energy of a Tower will amaze you.

Written by Kristi Huggins, Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

Posted on January 29, 2009
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