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Is there any scientific evidence that crystals heal?
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Is there any scientific evidence that crystals heal?
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Subject: Is there any scientific evidence that crystals heal?
Date: 02/10/10
From: Gerik

I want to know if there is any scientific evidence, or just evidence, that crystals actually work in healing.

Thank you

Greetings Gerik,

I will be honest. I am not sure that there is concrete, scientific proof that crystals help to heal. In my research, most of what I found were articles to the contrary. However, if you will indulge me, I will tell you what I feel to be true for me.

I believe crystals can assist in healing. I believe that the person/persons working with crystals as a healing tool, also have this belief/faith. Belief and faith cannot be proved scientifically, but they are at the core of many cultures, including our own. You cannot scientifically prove faith. Faith is belief with strong conviction; a firm belief in something for which there may be no tangible proof.

I also believe in energy, which CAN be scientifically proven. Everything contains energy.

With that said, let's start by looking at some scientific facts on how crystals are formed.

"The Geological/Scientific explanation is that crystals are the most stable form of matter in the Universe. This is due to their formation (birth) within the planet. The crystal’s journey begins deep below the planet’s surface where extremely hot fluids circulate (Hydrothermal veins) or where lava (molten rock ejected to the surface) is present.

Crystallization occurs when layers of the planet’s mantle, fractures, allowing heated gases and liquids, forced by extreme pressure, to rise towards the surface.  This extremely hot “soup” also contains other elements such as water, oxygen, sodium, aluminum, calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron that have dissolved and merged with the other materials being pushed to the surface.

As this mixture rises and passes through cooler, less active layers of rock, crystals begin to grow in crevices and cavities. The crystals will form depending on specific environmental conditions and mixture of these elements. Other conditions include temperature, pressure, time and space. Exposure to the planetary elements such as wind, water, ice and light, also play their part in dictating formation, growth, shape, color, hardness and size.

Each step in the formation/birth of a crystal contains energy. Each mineral element has energy. Each planetary element contains energy. Location is also an important piece of the puzzle. Different areas of the planet hold different and unique energies, which will affect the crystal in its growth as well."

So, using this information, we know that everything contains energy. That includes crystals.

Let's take it a step further. Everything contains energy. That includes our bodies and mind. This can be scientifically proved by various brain wave technology, electrography,etc.

Everything contains energy. This energy can be of a high frequency (raising our vibration), a low frequency (grounding) and everything in between.

If your body is sick, your energy is low. This is because the body is working diligently to remove infection, toxins, etc. A fever (a type of energy) may present as an indicator that the body is using its amazing abilities to repair itself. Using all of the energy it has, it works overtime to remove the "invaders" from the body.

Crystals are simply tools to assist in this healing process. By using crystals with a specific vibration, they can enhance the body's energy. The energy of the crystal merges with the body's energy, strengthening the process to repair. Just like those crazy caffeine rich energy drinks boost our physical stamina/energy, crystals help to boost our energy vibration.

"Throughout history, civilizations of all types have recorded numerous crystal uses within their society. Many cultures, such as the Mayan and Native Americans, utilized natural crystalline energies for healing. Others formulated ways to harness these energies as a way to power their communities like those in Atlantis and Lemuria. Their civilization was based on the use of stored and directed application of crystal technology.

Crystals and their energy have been used in Shamanic practices as Talismans and in initiation ceremony/ritual for centuries. Other cultures used the crystal ball for scrying (divining the future through visions) and acquiring knowledge. The ancient Egyptians used crushed minerals like Lapis Lazuli and Malachite to create colorful dyes and make up. The practice of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese principle of harmonization, utilizes the energy of crystals by placement in specific areas or directions. In India, and cultures that practice Ayruvedic healing, gemstones have been used for centuries in various oral medications and other healing aids such as poultices."

Is this scientific evidence? No, not really. However, it IS evidence. These cultures believed in the capacity to heal using crystals. I am sure there are many out there right now,  who believe they have been helped/healed by the use of crystals in healing. I think the stories they share are evidence of the healing properties of crystals.

Let me share one example with you. What if you are depressed? The doctor will give you a pill, some type of antidepressant, that may have various side effects and yes, most of them do. What if you decided to use a natural anti depressant by working with a Lithium Quartz crystal or a Lepidolite tumble. If this crystal helped to relieve some of your symptoms, would you not try it?  I know of several people who have shared their experiences as they weaned themselves off of their antidepressants and now enjoy great success in using crystals (like lithium in quartz, lepidolite, etc) instead.

I am not saying crystals are a cure all. They are tools to be used in the healing process. And for me, while it may not be scientifically proven, it is evidence that with a little faith, anything is possible. :)

With love and crystal blessings,
Kristi Huggins
Author and Project Manager for Healing Crystals

Posted on February 12, 2010
  Awesome explanation!  (Submitted by: israel on January 22, 2016)
  I appreciate all the information shared here. Thank all of you so much! I
I'm very interested in learning about holistic healing practices and especially beautiful, magnificent crystals.
Bless All  (Submitted by: Solange on January 28, 2014)
  i am currently under crystal therapy,and wanted to have some close connection prove of crystal healing in thought materialization,when nothing is supportive.thanks a lot.  (Submitted by: seema kapse on November 17, 2012)
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