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Is my ruby crystal too strong? (Sweating during meditation)
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Is my ruby crystal too strong? (Sweating during meditation)
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From: Marleigh
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008 2:22 AM
Subject: Comment from - Discount Prices on Healing Crystals, Minerals & Tumbled Stones

Thanks sooo much for the stones. They are beautiful! I will definitely be back to purchase many more!

My question is this - I purchased a ruby from you to commence an intense self-love/ love meditation. And I use it in conjunction with a few different stones including unakite, rose quartz, and clear quartz. When I meditate, I always place the ruby on my heart chakra as it is supposed to aid in opening and cleansing.

Here's the thing - I always end up drenched in sweat by the end of my meditation( if I can complete it!) and I always have trouble sleeping afterwards. The energy I feel from this ruby is quick and quite real - it's warm and tingly just to hold it. My carnelians make me feel this way but not to this degree. No stone has ever made me sweat - each time I use it . Even just wearing on my person makes me warm(I wear it in my bra so it's close to my heart).

Is it too powerful? Am I doing something wrong or is this a normal part of opening and clearing the heart chakra? I couldn't find any infomation on this so I thought I'd ask. Any suggestions?

Thanks again,



Hi Marleigh,

The best rule of thumb is to always follow your own inner guidance.  Does it feel like it's too strong or uncomfortable to you? 

Sweating is an indication of you moving a lot of energy, you're purifying your physical body through the opening to your inner heart!  Rejoice!  I don't think that i's too powerful, but if you find it uncomfortable to sweat so much you may want to try to work with kunzite or danburite for a softer vibration.  Also, you may want to try using the ruby alone, then adding the unikite and sensing into that, then adding the rose quartz, etc.  Clear quartz is an amplifier, so you may want to remove it and see how that feels.  Again, experiment and trust your inner guidance and honor yourself for the wonderful work!

Love and Harmony,


Posted on July 23, 2008
  i agree with the one above me
you can never DO it wrong as long as your comfy and relaxed your doing it right
we all have are own unique way of awaking its part of the experience you can never be wrong  (Submitted by: subsequentdownfall on August 10, 2011)

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