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Is it Safe to put Crystals in an Aquarium?
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Is it Safe to put Crystals in an Aquarium?
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Subject: Is it Safe to put Crystals in an Aquarium?
Date: 04/19/10
From: Kenji
To: Healing Crystals

I put a tumbled clear crystal stone in my aquarium and my question is do you think that fish also have chakras like human beings? Also, do you think it is a good idea to put crystals in the aquarium since crystals energize water? I Googled about putting crystals in the water but I couldn't find any website talking about crystals in the aquarium.

Hi Kenji,

Great question! I do think fish have energy centers (chakras) throughout their body. Everything that is living has energy centers and fish are no different :)

The Quartz in the aquarium idea is very interesting! I may just have to get me a few fish and do some experimenting!

I feel that you should charge the water using clear quartz and these instructions.

I think that each time you clean the aquarium, you could add the charged water as part of the new water used to fill up the aquarium.

Could you add Clear Quartz crystals into the aquarium to energize the water? I am sure that would work. I think the question would be, would you want to leave them in there indefinitely or would that affect the fish? I would really want to do a few experiments to see how the fish react :)

I would recommend sticking to Clear Quartz. Other stones could be water soluble or toxic, so just do a little research before trying other pieces. You can check out the Crystal Cautions list if you are unsure of a particular piece.

Ken, you come up with some of the best questions ever! :) Thank you!

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on April 24, 2010
  my friend has a new 30gal ciclid tank,.ciclids get very taritoryal when put in large groups.had 4 in there to start with then added a LARGE 10" rose qwarts.along with 6 more new fish,at the same time. so its hard to say if its the crystal or just these particular fish,.but thay all get along.even school together!!!!i do beleve hes got the power of love flowing in that tank,.GOOD STUFF!!!  (Submitted by: goozfraba on September 08, 2013)
  I have used crystals for energy healing stones for years... so when I could not
keep the water at a decent PH balance ... I did two things:
First, we have a natural healing springs near where I live. They have tapped the
water supply in the springs and all that go there to get their drinking water is
free. So I decided if it's good enough for me, it has to be good enough for
my little 10 gal aquarium.
Second, I took one of my clear, pure crystals and put it in the tank...
... outcome: No more cloudy water... and my two (now getting Huge)
goldfish and algae eater are more active, thriving and I'm going to
need a bigger tank very soon!  (Submitted by: Carla on May 22, 2013)
  Sorry, for got to rate the article!  (Submitted by: DYAN on April 28, 2010)
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