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Is it Okay to Break Crystals into Smaller Pieces?
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Is it Okay to Break Crystals into Smaller Pieces?
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Subject: Is it Okay to Break Crystals into Smaller Pieces?
Date: 07/14/10
From: Brittany
To: Healing Crystals


I was wondering if it is okay to break crystals into smaller bits like the
Blue Apatite Crystal Chips and Chunks. From what I hear it's really bad, but I wanted to make sure.

Thanks a lot,






Hi Brittany,

It is not bad, it is not good, it just is what it is :)

For me, it would first depend on the crystal, if it was a complete crystal or damaged, etc. Second, it depends on your intent.

The chips you see crystal shops offering are basically what is left in the bottom of the container once the crystals have been shipped. The seller does not intentionally break up crystals in order to sell them as chips, chunks, etc. — at least, not that I am aware of :)

I think you should leave it up to the crystal :)

For instance, I do some lapidary work — slicing and polishing crystals, repairing dings and dents, cutting into shapes, etc. I always ask before I begin if the crystal is in agreement with what I want to do. Then I "listen". It can come as butterflies in my stomach (which normally means, "No thank you") or a tingle while I am holding the crystal (which for me means, "Yes, let's give it a go"). Sometimes, no matter how hard I try, the crystal will not slice, so I take that as a "no" too :)

Then again, I have taken a hammer (gently of course) to a piece I thought was fake just to see what was inside. Did I feel bad for doing it? No, not at all.

I think what you need to ask yourself is, "Is your intent for wanting to break the crystal in your highest good (and the crystals')? Do you have a specific purpose in mind for wanting to use the crystal pieces as opposed to the complete crystal? How do YOU feel about the act of breaking the crystal?"

Once you answer these questions, do what feels right for you.

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on July 15, 2010
  Thank you so much, I needed this!  (Submitted by: Jackie on June 25, 2016)
  This is very helpful for me too! I bought a big tin of crystals at a fair years ago. There was one I could not identify and for years it has bothered me, as if I NEEDED to know what it is. I finally found it on this site today while checking on some other crystals. It's a huge rock of dioptase. Without getting into detail, the healing properties are EXACTLY what I need right now. So I need to make a pendant that I will wear but the size of the rock makes this impossible.
I believe that this crystal knew I would need it and that's why I ran across the grounds to pick up a dented old cake tin on a table of old knick knacks several years ago. I feel that it's okay for me to use the bigger part for meditation and to cut a smaller part to keep with me for healing. Thank you!
Love and light.  (Submitted by: Jacki on January 22, 2016)
  Thanks Kristi,

Eventhough it was an old post. It answered my question. It must have been waiting for me. lol My son and I are working on gifts (organite) and I bought a 2lb bag of quartz crystals. All are around 1-3' and I need to make smaller to place in the gifts.
If you have anymore advice on breaking crystals or on organite gifting I would love to hear.
Thanks and God Bless,

Girl with a view  (Submitted by: girl with a view on September 20, 2012)

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