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Is Blue Obsidian a Fake Crystal?
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Is Blue Obsidian a Fake Crystal?
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Subject: Is Blue Obsidian a Fake Crystal?
Date: 04/13/10
From: Ellie
To: Healing Crystals

What is your take on blue obsidian? I understand it is man-made, and I'm wondering if you consider it fake or like aqua aura?

Hi Ellie,

All brightly colored, transparent "Obsidians" are man-made.  There has been red, cherry red, blue/green, blue, yellow, purple, dark green, cobalt blue, etc — as many colors as is possible to create have been created. These colored "Obsidians" are nothing more than art glass with some color introduced. This is very slick marketing. Obsidian IS actually a type of glass. Silica/Sand is also made into glass, so no one is really NOT telling the truth —but they sure are stretching it :)

For me personally? I feel they are not natural. They are bright and pretty. They will contain the energy of color, which is often used in healing. So, as tools in color therapy, they can be helpful. I think they are considered "fake" when the person selling them consciously misleads the consumer.

This would be a great topic to start in the Healing Crystals forum! There are a lot of members there and a lot of opinions too!

Here is the thing, I am horrified by all of the fake stuff out there. I keep up with the fakes and frauds on a regular basis. I like to balance my knowledge between the geology and the metaphysical. But I am just one person :) Every one you ask will have their own opinion, so in the end, what really matters is what do YOU think? :)

With love and crystal blessings,


Posted on April 16, 2010
  I think what she was pointing out is that the ones that are perfectly clear with bright vibrant colors are the man made ones. Not that the other colors don't exist in nature. Just that you aren't going to fingers a hunk of blue obsidian thatis pperfectly transparent and looks like swiss blue topaz. Obsidian has natural variations to it. As the minerals are heated and blended together under ground or during an eruption you are going to get different concentrations of different minerals which will produce beautiful colors. But they will have specks, streaks, bands and other varying concentrations. It's the ones that look like colored glass balls that are fake, nothing more than melted down beach sand that's been dyed. So smelted quartz, not Obsidian. They shouldn't be allowed to use the name of a naturally occurring product unless it occurred naturally!  (Submitted by: Mike on December 05, 2016)
  I wish I could post a picture here.
There are real blue and green obsidian. Here in Pennsylvania. A friend of mine found a very large deposits actually in two different counties.. Was gracious enough to gift me some rather large pieces. The look Smokey gray but when held up to light very green and blue. Also the one large blue is very bright bands of different shades of blue color.  (Submitted by: Chessica on December 24, 2013)
  There are some real colors of obsidian out there which are blues, greens, reds, etc, as other people did point out. In fact, Rainbow Obsidian is many different colors and natural. I've even found pieces of blueish obsidian and green obsidian in my home town, proof that it's in the United States. Now, sure, it's a blueish gray, but it has the obvious blue tint to it. It's not the same hue as the man-made obsidians or the rainbow obsidian, but it is undoubtedly blue. One piece is even nearly purple, although to the darker end of the scale where it does seem gray under synthetic light and only shines purple under natural sunlight. Mahogany obsidian is various hues of reddish orange with black spots, and that isn't man-made.  (Submitted by: Nimarkiva on July 22, 2013)
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