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If My Crystals Keep Breaking, Should I Replace Them?
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If My Crystals Keep Breaking, Should I Replace Them?
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I have had 2 Celestite crystals and both have broken on me.. actually I have dropped them and they broke... I was told not to throw them away and bury them.. Is this true? And do you think I should just not get Celestites until I get further guidance from my angels? Not sure if they are for me if I keep breaking them.. I do notice that they look worn before they break and they have have cracks in them. One more question.. when some crystals lose their color, like Rose Quartz, because I wear mine a lot, do they still work?




Dear C,

Thank you for contacting us with your questions about broken Celestiteand crystals that lose their color. Crystals break for a variety of reasons, the most common, in my experience, is that the user isn't clearing them often enough and so the crystals become over-worked and break. Some people like to bury broken crystals, I like to give the pieces reiki if they are large enough, and continue to use them. Sometimes I will share a piece of the broken crystal with someone else as well. Of course, I clear them first. If a crystal shatters and the pieces are too small to use individually, I check our list of crystal cautions to make sure they will not leak toxins into the soil and then mix them in with my house plants to give the plants some energy. If you are clearing your Celestite regularly and they've broken anyway, it is possible that you should take a break from that crystal for awhile.

When crystals lose their color from excessive wear/use, it could be that they were dyed originally and the dye has worn off. It could also mean that you are not clearing them and they are losing their energy, in which case, they won't work as well. If you clear and re-energize them, they will still work well for you, though the vibe might be slightly more mellow than it was when the color was brighter.
Crystal Blessings,

Posted on March 11, 2016
  Thank for the reminder Brana. Though I regularly clear the crystals I work with, I'm forgetting about the ones in my medicine pouch; (out of sight, out of mind).  (Submitted by: Fred on March 11, 2016)

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