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I'm Recovering From Depression And PTSD. What Crystals Can I...
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I'm Recovering From Depression And PTSD. What Crystals Can I Use To Help Me Through The Midday Slump?
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Hi there! I'm in recovery from depression and PTSD. I am now feeling a bit better, but I still get the typical mid-day exhaustion.  It developed as a habit, a way to retreat from the world and consciousness when I was at rock bottom, but now it doesn't serve me. What crystals would you recommend for beating that slump AND the negative self talk that can come along with it? Please help.




Hi D,

Thanks for reaching out to Healing Crystals with your crystal question. First, I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a medical professional and can neither diagnose illness nor prescribe medical treatments. Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical care, but rather used as a complimentary therapy along with the treatment prescribed by your licensed medical professional.

There are three crystals that I think will help you move out of this habit that no longer serves, as well as to continue your recovery rom depression and PTSD.

First, Obsidian (any color--so look at various types and pick the one you are most attracted to) is a helpful crystal companion for breaking patterns that no longer serve. Wear it or carry it with you for a few weeks (remember to clear it often) to work through this. Obsidian can be a little intense in its pattern-breaking, so the second crystal, which also happens to be great for depression and anxiety, is Lepidolite. It'll soften the energy of the Obsidian when used together, as well as having a calming effect when needed. These will offer supportive energy for breaking both the napping habit and the negative self-talk habit.

Thirdly, Blue Kyanite is helpful for a variety of purposes. It cleanses and aligns all chakras, strengthens the aura, and is believed to draw Qi or life-force energy into the body--which should be helpful in giving you more energy throughout your day, as well as for allowing you to draw in higher vibrational energy like Divine Wisdom to help you move into healthier patterns.

A few other quick thoughts: when trying to remove old patterns, it can be helpful to replace them with new ones that serve you better, such as positive affirmations. I'm not sure if you've any experience with this, but the idea is to give yourself positive self-talk to replace the negative self-talk. Simple statements that affirm what you want to be doing/experiencing/having as if they are already in existence are the most effective. I'm not an expert on these, but there's lots of information out there about affirmations, and it might be worth a look. Finally, for my husband--who has battled depression and the napping that goes with it--having a schedule for each day and sticking to it really, really helps. Large blocks of unstructured time do not serve him well. And, when that nappy feeling starts to come on, doing something physically energizing instead seems to help him get through the urge--walking the dog, other brief exercises, even stretching can help.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Best wishes for your continued recovery! And of course, if you have any further questions regarding crystals or crystal healing, please feel free to contact us again.

Crystal Blessings!
Debbie Elaine
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Posted on September 06, 2014
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