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Ill Show You Mine, If Youll Show Me Yours By Stephanie Arn...
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Ill Show You Mine, If Youll Show Me Yours By Stephanie Arnold
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I’ll Show You Mine, If You’ll Show Me Yours

By Stephanie Arnold


Every crystal healer has one, hidden deep in a pocket, stashed inside a purse or hanging around their neck - often hidden from view, but still giving off their healing energies to those around them. I am referring to the crystal pouch or medicine bag that each healer holds dear, safely protecting the crystals that they are currently working with. New crystal purchases mixed with old crystal friends. They can include any variety of crystals and the combination of crystals can change in the blink of an eye as the needs of the healer evolve. Most crystal healers also have an abundance of crystal jewelry that they rotate, but as we all know too well, you can only wear so many pendants on a chain and so many rings on your fingers. For this reason, many crystal healers opt to carry a small pouch, or medicine bag, with their treasured stones.

So what’s in my crystal pouch right now? I have a small multi-colored zippered pouch that I keep my crystals in when they are “on the go” with me. From past experience, they are more protected from damage or being lost this way than loose in my pocket, as I used to carry them. Here is what I am currently carrying and why I am using them:

A pair of beautiful Herkimer Diamonds – A great crystal for bringing in lots of energy and releasing stress, I also use Herkimer Diamonds to amplify the energy of the other crystals. These hold a special meaning for me because they were a gift from my husband.

Azeztulite Crystal Point – This stone has a very high vibration and stimulates psychic abilities. I love the high frequencies of the energy from it. My favorite place for this crystal is on my desk while I am working. I feel it helps me to approach my work with clarity and heightened awareness.

Rhodonite Free-Form Cabochon – I love how well this crystal works on healing burns. You never know when you will need some Rhodonite.  I like to use this piece for healing because its flat shape makes it ideal for placing on the skin. This crystal is also great at bringing in love.

Amethyst Cacoxenite (Super Seven) – I just adore the energy of this crystal! I can’t help but stare into the blend of colors and energies within this round crystal. Super Seven is a high vibrational crystal and I find it helps with connection to the Higher Source. Did I mention how much I love this crystal?

A Scolecite Pendant – This crystal is useful in opening the heart and for inner peace.

A Morganite Pendant – I carry this crystal with me to support self-love and opening of the heart chakra.

Shattuckite Tumbled Stone – I love the color of this blue-green crystal! I find this one helpful in raising my energetic vibration and it also helps to clearly interpret messages from the “other side.”

Dumortierite Tumbled Stone – I use Dumortierite for confidence, patience and clarity. I find the deep blue color and energy very calming.

Chrysoprase – This is another crystal that I keep in my pouch because I love the color. This stone has a saturated bright green color and a small chip on one side from falling out of my pocket. I now keep this crystal in the pouch to protect it from further damage. This is another crystal for opening the heart and connecting with nature. I also keep this crystal on me for its relaxing and calming energies.

Fossilized Ammonite Pendant – I carry this crystal to draw wealth and prosperity to me.

A Pair Of Sunstones – Purchased together from the same local metaphysical store, these two Sunstones seem to enjoy each other’s company and I have always felt they belong together. I carry Sunstone to bring happiness into my life.

A “Healing Crystals” Black Onyx Coin – One of the amazing free gifts from Healing Crystals, I carry this Black Onyx for stability and alleviating worry.

Vesuvianite – The newest addition to my crystal pouch, Vesuvianite is helpful with manifesting the heart’s desires. I purchased it for this reason and for its ability to strengthen the connection with higher self. So far, I have really enjoyed the energy of this light green crystal.

So, now that I have shared mine…what’s in your crystal pouch these days??


For more information on medicine bags and how to make your own, check out this article by Sonia Acone:

Posted on January 25, 2013
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