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I Am A Deeply Faithful Christian, But How Do I Cope With Peo...
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I Am A Deeply Faithful Christian, But How Do I Cope With People Who See Crystals As "Wrong"?
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Hello Crystal Healers!!! My question is this: I consider myself a deeply faithful Christian, but was brought up in the church and have a great respect for all spiritual traditions. I don't see any one tradition as being "right" or "wrong." My involvement with crystal healing has only added joy to my life. However, as I have embraced the Christian church, I find that some people seem to think using crystals as "wrong", or not in alignment with Christian values. How do you cope with the naysayers and skeptics? What do you do to protect yourself from such negativity? I am sensitive to criticism and have a hard time letting it go. Maybe there is a crystal that can help with just that! :) Thank you so much. Much love and Blessings,




Dear K,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your crystal question. I feel for you, because having been raised in a very traditional Christian family and church, I struggled with much the same thing. One of the best things you can do is to learn as much as you can about how crystals and energy healing work. I have actually found that reiki and crystals have increased my connection to God and given me a deeper understanding of many of the stories of Jesus' healing work in the Bible.

People react negatively about this based largely on fear, so the more you can lovingly educate those who are not completely closed off, the better you will be able to handle the issues. Even Jesus was rejected for his thoughts on God and how things should be, so as he instructed his disciples, "Whoever does not receive you, nor heed your words, as you go out of that house or that city, shake the dust off your feet." (Matthew 10: 14) Through history, Churches  and Christianity have been run almost exclusively by men, who unfortunately, sometimes placed control over godliness. Healing arts, such as using crystals, were more often explored by women, who were already being blamed for man's fall to sin because of Eve's transgressions. So, since crystals and women could not be easily controlled, both were held at arm's length by the church, and much of that continues today, regardless of the church type. 
One example I often give people who react negatively, due to their ignorance on the subject, is that we believe God made the Earth and everything on it, and called it "Good." That includes crystals and minerals. God did not make pharmaceuticals, and sometimes they are used well, and sometimes not. Still, we don't think they are evil, we recognize the intent of the user as being the determining factor. Crystals are part of creation and they contain many of the minerals and colors that we try to bring into our bodies through food, to encourage health. Crystals, I believe, are just another tool God gave us to live our best life as part of his creation. Crystals also use the geometry that God gave them to amplify energy. That is embraced by science and the medical communities in telescopes, medical equipment and even Quartz watches. We need not fear something, just because we don't understand how it works. A crystal used to glorify God through prayer or healing or love, is a Godly thing.

 But those are just my thoughts on it--find ways to express how it fits into your theology, and that of your church. 

Finally, for protection from negative energy, Black Tourmaline and Selenite are a powerful combination. The Black Tourmaline shields and protects. The Selenite protects by transmuting the negative energy into pure light energy.  And one other thing that is the best protection: Love. When you feel fear or anxiety around this subject, you will be more susceptible to that energy from others. Focus on the love of Christ and feeling that for them and for yourself, and that will keep your vibration higher than the negative stuff you are sensitive to. (Another thing I've experienced a lot!)

Crystal Blessings,

Debbie Elaine

Posted on September 03, 2015
  As a Christian also I really appreciated the article. A couple years ago I had a very nice collection of crystals. But because of scepticism and pressure I got rid of most of them. Now I am regretting that choice and am hoping to rebuild some of my collection. And thanks to previous responses I know now how I can use them is built from intent.  (Submitted by: Jan M on November 28, 2016)
  Hi K.
I am a crystal and energy healer and have experienced the same feelings and negativity from others. I have to say, though, that there are A LOT of people out there that are open..and that's fantastic! I believe that if you have good intentions surrounding the use of crystals (or anything for that matter) then nothing can go wrong! God/Spirit did put these beautiful healing tools on this planet for us as human beings to discover and implement in our day to day lives for the good of all.
I agree with Carol...Tourmaline and Selenite are a beautiful combo when dealing with naysayers. And LOVE of course _3
Know that you will always come across skeptics and the like, only because they don't understand and so demonize the concept out of fear. However, please understand that it's not their fault. Just believe with all your heart and soul that what you are doing is positive and good, regardless of what anyone says...and during all this explain with pure love your take on what crystals can help us do to anyone that will listen, without forcing the subject. Knowledge and experience is key.
Good luck on your crystal journey. It is a beautiful one. Hang in there!!  (Submitted by: Lex on October 08, 2015)
  Wow! Thank you Debbie. I'm new to crystals and I too am Christian. In many respects I've been able to find a happy medium. For instance, after cleansing my stones, I dedicate them to God through prayer. Sometimes, I play Christian music softly in the background during my dedication. Admittedly, I have been a bit conflicted, but your response has been very helpful. As you know, as Christian we undergo a literal "conditioning". I think you sharing more about your journey with crystals as a Christian would help so many people. Just the little I've gotten has made feel so much better.

Carol  (Submitted by: Carol on September 22, 2015)

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