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Husband Has Health Problems
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Husband Has Health Problems
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From: Sharon
Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:54 PM
Subject: Re: Husband's Health Issues

His stamina is the first and it is getting bad ,not horrible.The next is he has ryders syndrome arthritsis which is a traveling form of arthritsis and it shows up maily in his legs.He also has the gout which most people only affects the big toes but it is knees as well and he has this a few times a year and it never gets 100% better,so between the 2 his legs mostly the left are painful and swollen almost all the time there might be other thing we do not know of.He does take meds for these but like I said they never help completely and they make him sick(the one set of pills he takes when he has an extreme flare up)If you need any more info I would be glad to tell you anything I can.


Dear Sharon~

So in an earlier email, we already discussed the stones for stamina, which are Amethyst, Black Onyx, Carnelian, and Clear Quartz (which is good for all health issues).  Those were some quick suggestions to get him started.  Before we go any further, since your husband is dealing with a some medical conditions, I have to mention that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice.  The use of crystal energies can be a complimentary treatment to regular medical care.  That being said, Fluorite has wonderful energies that are good for ameliorating arthritis.  Chrysoprase and Prehnite can be helpful for gout.  

I recommended those four stones for stamina because I see this issue as possibly resulting from multiple causes.  The stones I selected are associated with the Root (Onyx), Sacral (Carnelian), Third-Eye (Amethyst), and Crown (Clear Quartz) Chakras.  This is a good start for chakra therapy.  These stones can be placed on their respective chakras, while your husband lays still for about 20 minutes to and hour, or whatever he feels comfortable with.  While he relaxes with these stones in place, it would be helpful for him, and you if you like, to focus on a smooth flow and exchange of energies from, to, and through these chakras.  We are currently doing a series of newsletter articles on the chakras.  We are up to the throat chakra.  You can take a look at those on this page:

Before doing the first treatment, have him spend some time with those stones before hand, for about a week.  This will give the crystals time to adjust to his particular needs.  Ask him how he feels during and after the crystal healing treatment.  He may or may not feel anything.  He may experience a healing crises, in which symptoms temporarily increase before improving, especially if he has never had any type of energy healing before.  This is normal and will pass.  Once the process above has been done a couple of times, and your husband has adjusted to the energies of that combination of stones, then you might try to add one stone at a time, of the ones listed below, for his other conditions.  Make sure he drinks adequate water whenever he is receiving any energy healing.

With arthritis, Fluorite is probably the best stone for the job.  Better known as a stone for the development of insight and intuition, Fluorite can be helpful for conditions involving the bones and joints.  Fluorite is often used to encourage good health, strength, and stamina.  We carry a nice selection of Fluorite on this page:

Chrysoprase is often used for gout.  A stone of the Heart Chakra (primary) and Sacral Chakra (secondary), Chrysoprase is said to have many healing effects in addition to treating gout.  Some of these include macular degeneration, skin ailments, and psychological problems.  Chrysoprase also makes a nice relaxation aid.  You can see our Chrysoprase on this page:

Prehnite is one of my favorite stones, and it happens to also be used to ameliorate gout. While Prehnite serves double duty for the Third-Eye and Heart Chakras, it has physical effects on issues such as blood disorders and lung problems, and is known to help the organs of elimination.  Prehnite is said to help enhance intuition and foresight.  See this page for our Prehnite items:

I did a little research and found that the type of arthritis your husband has was named for a Dr.  Reiter who discovered it.  It is also known as Reactive Arthritis, and is actually an autoimmune disease, although the result of inflammation is still the same.  A great crystal for autoimmune issues is Aquamarine, which is an excellent Throat Chakra crystal, by the way.  Aquamarine can also be used to align the chakras, and enhance spiritual communication.  We carry some nice Aquamarine items here:

Intent, focus, and energy is key for any type of energy work, including crystal healing. It would be helpful to perform a little ritual for cleansing the stones with sage or something ,before using them to align the chakras.  The only stone you really need to program in this case, is the Clear Quartz, which I recommended in an earlier email, because the other stones were all picked for their natural metaphysical properties, so that the natural energies from the stones are conducive to helping your husband heal himself.

So I hope this helps.  If you have questions about this process along the way, feel free to write back.

Brightest Blessings,

~Crystal CAT

Posted on April 24, 2008
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