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How to Protect Your Crystals from Poisonous Gas
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How to Protect Your Crystals from Poisonous Gas
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Here is a question from one of our customers:

Q:  i have crystals and stones in every room of my home and garage... i have just learned my place will be tented with poisonous gas to fumigate...though i am strictly against this...i have no say so...
i also have an altar with several items and have been told to leave everything in place and cover it... my concern...will the crystals absorb the poison? should i remove them all? will saging afterwards or cleansing with sea salt be enough?
thank you so much for any information you can share...


Dear T,
I must share the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor and cannot give out medical advice. Crystals for healing should be used as a compliment to other therapies and not as a replacement for regular
medical care. With that said, for your condition, I would like to start by suggesting some crystals that can help to ease pain, uplift the spirit, and remove/release anger and fear.

Hard crystals can stay, but soft crystals need to be packed away in an airtight container. The same with your alter tools and items. If it is not completely submersible to clean, it needs to be packed away.
Candles and soft items will absorb the toxins in the gas and make them toxic. Once you are back in anything left out will need to be cleaned in soapy water as salt can react with the chemicals. I would run
everything through the dishwasher. Crystals can be cleaned in the dishwasher if they are placed in a covered strainer. Most definatly smudge the house with sage after everything has been washed down. Toxic
gas will leave the energy in the home toxic until smudged. Trust your instints with this one, if you think it needs to be packed away pack it.  toxic chemicals can leave behind such chaotic and toxic energy and if
you do not want your items exposed to it pack it.


Posted on January 02, 2011
  Never use salt it breaks the crystals down good water is fine. Then charge in full moon, I am a rock crystal gem miner. Rockhound Reiki master identify crystals daily but No. salt  (Submitted by: sweetearth1161 on January 02, 2011)

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