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How to Energize Water with Crystals
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How to Energize Water with Crystals
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Charging Water with Crystals*

By Kristi Huggins

You may have heard of the practice of charging or infusing water with crystals/crystal energy, right?  But what exactly does that mean?

Let’s start with water basics.  Positive ions in air molecules are a type of electric charge that is harmful to your health.  Places that are heavily polluted or that have been closed for a long time without air are heavy with these positive ions.  On the other hand, the negative ion is beneficial for your health.  

Using crystals to structure water will charge it with negative ions, which makes the water healthier as well as the body that ingests it.  Understanding the different stones and how they can affect water is the first step in charging water or making elixirs.

Clear Quartz Crystal Points are perfect for this purpose.  You can always find just the right size and shape to charge your water with amazing energy.  Choosing Quartz points would eliminate any concerns you may have about the clusters such as other mineral inclusions that may contain toxins.  Quartz can also be programmed with your intention for an added energy vibration.

My personal favorite crystal to use is the natural Apophyllite Pyramid.   Apophyllites have this incredible high vibration, Christ conscious, unconditional love energy.  They work wonderfully well in the process of charging water and infusing your body temple.  For me, they carry a stronger, more intense, joyous vibration.  Imagine a glass of water that has been sitting for days.  It is no longer pure, clean and clear.  As you pour fresh water into the glass, the old spills out over the edges and is removed.  You are then left with a glass of bright, clear, fresh water.  As I drink the Apophyllite charged water, for me it works the same way, as it removes the old and brings in the fresh and new.

Another favorite is Lithium in Quartz.  Lithium is found in every cell of the human body and greatly contributes to the balance and well-being of the body/mind.  It enhances the immune system, and vitalizes Prana (life force).  Lithium has this amazing calming energy, which soothes and balances the body.  If you have trouble sleeping, drink some Lithium in Quartz infused water before bedtime.

Amethyst crystals, points or tumbles will charge your water with healing, balance and positive energy.  It will help to relieve your stress and bring a sense of inner peace.

Or try some Citrine charged water to energize and invigorate. Citrine will also increase motivation and physical energy.  Drinking Citrine enhanced water will enhance joy and the wonderment of life.   It will fill the body with strength, confidence, and calm.

Other crystals you may want to experiment with include:

Ametrine -  Removes blockages, disperses negativity, Healing on all levels
Apache Tears (Polished) - Healing on all levels, grounding, protecting
Aventurine, Green (Polished) - Healing Heart and Emotions, Calms and Balances
Bloodstone (Polished) - Removes toxins, Purifies, Cleanses
Carnelian (Polished) - Creativity, Harmony, Self Esteem, Calms fears
Fluorite (Polished) - Health issues, Purification, Cleansing, Elimination
Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love, Spirituality, Tolerance, Joy, Heart Healing

Charging water is really a simple process.  Using a glass container, fill with distilled, filtered or pure water.  Sun Tea Jars or Glass pitchers work great.  Some tap water may have minerals and chemicals that react with the crystals, so it is best to filter it first.  Simply use what you have available.

Wash the crystal(s) to be used in this process in tepid water and allow them to dry.  Water that is too cold or too hot may damage the crystal.  I suggest using either single quartz (Clear, Amethyst, Citrine, etc.) crystals or tumbles as opposed to raw for ease of use and safety.  Many pieces in raw form may break down, causing ingestion concerns.

Add the clear Quartz crystal you have selected to your glass container of water and allow the water to sit for 8-12 hours.  You can additionally infuse the water by sitting it in the sun and/or the moon for 8-12 hours.  If you do choose to infuse with sunlight and/or moonlight outside, make sure the top of the container is covered to keep dust, bugs and such out of your water.  Parchment paper, a glass top or clear wrap will do the trick.

To further enhance the infusion process, try multiple crystal points.  Place one crystal within the glass container and then lay six more crystals, with points facing the container, outside around the container in a circle.  This makes a total of 7 crystals, which is a sacred number that adds even more to the overall process.

Note: If it is too cold or too hot outside, simply sit your container in a window inside in direct line with the sun and/or moon.

I have two glass containers.  A sun tea jar for charging the water, which, once charged is poured into a glass pitcher for drinking.  I can then refill the sun tea jar to start the charging process again immediately.  This keeps charged water available for drinking all the time.

**NOTE** There are some crystals, which contain toxins that are harmful when ingested, so these would not be recommended for water or elixirs.  Below are a few guidelines, but for a more complete list, please go to this link. If you are using a crystal or mineral not on this list, we suggest erring on the side of caution. Place the crystal/mineral outside of the pitcher to charge. The water will still get charged in this manner. 

Crystals containing copper or lead, such as Azurite, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Galena, Chalcopyrite, Smithsonite or Dioptase (to name a few) are not recommended.

There are others that will break down when immersed in water.  Halite, for example, is simply a salt crystal and will dissolve.  Hematite will rust with prolonged exposure to water.  In raw form, Tremolite, Actinolite, or Tiger Eye contains fibrous asbestos that would not be conducive to charging water or making elixirs.

Before making any elixir or charging any water, it is a good idea to double check for any possible toxicity that may occur, if using several stones in combination.  There may be a possibility of elemental reactions between the stones.  It would really be best if each stone charges in its own container of water as opposed to putting four or five stones in the same container.  Then you can mix the charged waters for the combination of your choice.

If you are ever unsure of what crystals would work for you in either an elixir or charging water, please feel free to email us at any time.  We will pass on any information available to us.

Posted on November 30, 2008
    (Submitted by: Gaia on May 18, 2014)
  Thank you for this article. I googled Gem elixir instructions and your instructions are one of the easier ones to follow. I'm cleansing my crystals tonight and will make gem water tomorrow.  (Submitted by: Maria on August 24, 2013)
    (Submitted by: Albena on July 21, 2013)
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